Cones on the legs

Cones on the legs

The assertion that the wolf legs are fed, also applies to us humans. They give us the opportunity to move freely in space, and earning a living. They carry us in the morning for work, and then work with the shops, a kindergarten for your child, the cottage garden beds to the beloved, and in the end, home to the beloved sofa and TV. And for women of their feet and still an effective tool for attracting and gaining the opposite sex. Men in fact hungry for female slender limbs. Well, at the end, beautiful smooth legs - a real decoration and pride of his mistress, is not it? But with the age of incessant bustle and stress of their health and strength to do something with, there is no hurried past, and all sorts of sores suddenly, out of nowhere piled. And still on his feet somehow start to grow buds, large and small, hard and soft, under the skin and joints. And where they come from, what to do with them and how to treat and talk today.

Why legs grow cones?

In general, the concept of "bumps" or "bones" - a vulgar name of serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system, referred to as the deformation of the forefoot. Its main symptom is considered a pathological deviation of the big toe outward, and the head of the first metatarsal bone medially. Such perverse position of the first metatarsophalangeal joint and stimulates the growth cones. They are accompanied by blisters, corns, flat feet and discomfort. In addition, a lump on the leg may hurt badly, thereby causing untold suffering to its owner.

It should be noted that out of a hundred cases occur in women 98 and only 2 men. This difference is caused by the features men's and women's shoes. At that time, young people thrive in sneakers and shoes with flat soles and heels rather conditional, ladies piled on the studs. While they are young, active and are not burdened with excess weight, all costs safely. However, labor, professional features, the load on the household and age soon will take his. The muscles of the anterior arch of the foot will become weak, legs will be tired, and eventually will develop flat feet.

If a woman and at this stage does not want to change our attitude to footwear, in the future bending toes and the formation of lumps on her legs secured. And the presence of a genetic predisposition and endocrine disorders only podolёt oil in the flame of this.

How to treat the bumps on the feet?

The answer to this question largely depends on the stage of the disease. The initial forms will be the change of footwear, physiotherapy and recipes of traditional medicine. In a state of neglect have other than those of the above-mentioned resort to corrective insoles, arch supports, interdigital silicone rollers and retainer. Well, only surgery can help in the most severe cases. But whatever the stage of the disease, to solve complex medical actions must orthopedic doctor after a thorough examination.

How to treat the bumps on the legs folk remedies?

Still, the age-old wisdom of traditional medicine should not be discounted. Let the doctor will prescribe you a treatment of traditional and medicinal plants will aid. One does not hurt. We give here a couple of the most efficient and effective grandmother's recipes.

  1. Ointment from bumps on the legs. If your leg hurts, and formed a lump, take a 50-tigrammovy cup and put it in the egg. It should be white and very fresh, best if from under the domestic chicken. The blunt end of the egg should touch the bottom of the cup. Then it was up to the top of the fill 70 percent vinegar essence and leave
    Cones on the legs
    for two weeks in a dark cool place. When the egg is dissolved, shell discarded, the contents of the cup mixed and add to it 1 tbsp. l. (From top) of melted lard or fat and 10 grams of turpentine or turpentine ointment. If no lard, it is possible to replace butter or jelly, lard but better. All components are thoroughly mixed. This ointment is applied to the cones in a day, alternating it with an iodine nets.
  2. If the buds appeared due to gout, then together with the use of an ointment you should drink decoctions of herbs cranberries diuretic, horsetail, bearberry, birch leaves, etc.
  3. Also, when the cones on their feet even after the injury well help propolis, cabbage leaves and packs of potato pulp.

Still, remember that a traditional medicine will not manage. At the first sign of the disease, contact the professionals, or later will be too late.

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