Pedicure with rhinestones

Pedicure with rhinestones

Beautiful female legs, like a magnet, attract the male gaze. Nice and neat pedicure is able to decorate any woman. More recently toenails with rhinestones were in wonder and afford a pedicure can not all. And the master of a few years "grown" and now pedicure with rhinestones you can do in any salon. Today Pedicure - it's not just an ornament of nails and a work of art. On the nails are placed not only intricate patterns and paint the whole picture. The main thing - to know the measure of everything, then your pedicure will not look tasteless.

How to make a pedicure with rhinestones?

Today, many specialty stores offer ready-made rhinestones on substrates in the form of drawings. Make a nice pedicure with rhinestones can be on their own at home. To start the stage for experiments and do a pedicure according to the rules:

  • Before starting the procedure, lower legs in the tub with hot water, which add soap and 1st teaspoon ammonia and baking soda;
  • procedure lasts less than 20 minutes;
  • dry your feet and lubricate them with cream;
  • carefully remove the pumice rough skin on heels, toes;
  • corns and calluses are removed with special tweezers;
  • Nails should be cut only in a straight line, so you can avoid growing into the skin;
  • gently remove the cuticle of the nail plate;
  • Now do a foot massage with cream and lemon juice, and then it is time to apply the paint.

Design pedicure with rhinestones

What are crystals? This imitation gemstones. Produce of glass, plastic or metal. On the toe nail can put rhinestones in different shapes and colors - classic round, square, triangular. They can be transparent or sparkle in different colors. Rhinestones on the nails legs look very impressive and sure to attract attention to himself, but it is very hard work. Masters are advised to carry out such an intricate pedicure on artificial nails, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the natural nail.

Main stages of a pedicure with rhinestones:

  • to start prepare all the necessary tools: rhinestones, nail polish, tweezers (or toothpick);
  • Apply the varnish on the nail and, until it is completely dry, tweezers move the selected crystals;
  • This can be done using a toothpick soaked;
  • After patterning, the composition is covered by a fixer;
  • Large rhinestone better stick with a special glue, and on top put a gel or a fixer.
Pedicure with rhinestones

Design can be very diverse, but most crystals complement the classic French pedicure. You can just put one large and several small stones on the thumb nail. Discreet design can decorate any nails or one. If you wish, you can apply a very colorful design with many elements, but it is better to decorate them just one nail. Watch for harmony pattern, do not overload it with too many stones. Too voluminous design is not always appropriate, especially in the summer, when the legs are fully open. Try to give preference to transparent crystals, they are suitable for any background and color of the nail.

Beautiful pedicure with rhinestones will add glamor and sophistication to your image. Rhinestones and themselves look very impressive additions without pictures or other decorative elements. When decide on such an experiment, do not forget to consider your normal rhythm and way of life. On the sea or the town you can play with colors and give free rein to imagination, but in the office is better to confine ourselves to a few stones on one nail.

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