European pedicure

European pedicure

Hardly you will find today a woman who does not know what a "French" manicure. Elegant nails with white tips have long been recognized as a model of classic and elegance in the world of nail industry. European Pedicure - a relatively new procedure, introduced in the salons, and talk about it in detail.

We can do without water

European pedicure - a new word, but not the design and technique. Also in relation to this method of foot care permissible called "dry" or "uncut". The main and the main difference from the usual procedure is to avoid baths and piercing-cutting tools. This method is completely painless and safe, because the cuticle is not deleted, and moved away. Edged pedicure perfect for children, and for the regular carrying out of the procedure cuticle thinner, longer legs, and look well-groomed. It should be noted that as an initial step in order to bring the feet European edging pedicure is not suitable, because the impact of caring will not give the desired effect. This procedure is only available to those who are watching their feet. If you want to abandon the classic pedicure and go to Europe, the first is to do both procedures at the same time.

European pedicure

How do European pedicure?

The technology is simple, and the whole procedure takes less than an hour. Erase the old coating with nails by using nail polish remover without acetone. Special agent for softening and removal of cuticles, apply to the nail bed and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then remove the remaining cuticle orange stick, and rough skin around your nails clean with the help of nail files. Give your nails the desired shape and length, apply to the skin of the foot cream, softening it. After 15-20 minutes, using pumice, sand the foot and apply a nourishing cream. Gentle massage improves blood circulation, and beautiful nails covering the procedure is completed.

As you can see, you can easily make your own European pedicure at home. Repeat the procedure it is desirable to once every two weeks, and eventually, when the cuticle is thinner, it is possible to make such a pedicure once a month. After spending an hour of his time, you can easily become the owner of beautiful nails on your feet.

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