Oil for the growth of eyebrows

Oil for the growth of eyebrows

Since in vogue it is a natural, broad shape of the eyebrows, a woman trying to grow them. For this there are not so many ways, especially if you want to get results as quickly as possible. Speed up the process of helping the growth of oil Eyebrow, consisting usually of a mixture of vegetable fats. It is possible to get ready in the pharmacy and cosmetics stores, as well as to make at home.

How does a professional oil smear eyebrows for their growth?

Modern manufacturers of tools for the care of eyebrows offer a variety of gels and liquids to accelerate the growth of hair. But the effect is the best means of so-called "promoters", on the basis of natural oils. Good brand products:

  • Adronia Organics Brow Revive;
  • Pompidu;
  • Aromatics AromaMagic;
  • DNC;
  • Elma;
  • gemene;
  • Floresan Agrimony;
  • Alerana.

According to women, the regular application of one of these products allowing you to increase the number of hairs after only 1 month of use.

What oil is necessary for the growth of the eyebrows?

If you have time and desire to make their own nutritional oil mixture for otraschivaniya eyebrows, you need to find out exactly which components are needed.

Accelerate growth and increase in density is achieved by saturating the hair follicles with vitamins, especially A, E, B, and the fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 9. Therefore, when choosing oil for a mixture, it is important to pay attention to the concentration of these substances in plant products.

The leaders on the content of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins necessary for the growth of eyebrows are the following oils:

  • usma;
  • olive;
  • castor;
  • burdock;
  • almond;
  • peach;
  • avocado;
  • jojoba.

It is not necessary to acquire all of the fat, to make an effective mixture can be in all of the components 2-4 in the above list.

Which oil is best used for the growth of the eyebrows?

The most popular and fast means of recognized oil usma. It is derived from a plant called woad dye. The product is difficult to find as it is produced mainly cosmetic company in Egypt.

Usma Oil for the growth of eyebrows is consumed sparingly, it does not cause allergic reactions, strengthens hair follicles. Through the systematic application of this tool for a long period, grow healthy, shiny and thick eyebrows with a good natural pigmentation. In just a few months, you can change their form completely and wide, to achieve the desired results.

Olive oil eyebrow growth, unlike usma recommended to use in the mixture. So it is enriched with additional vitamins and nutrients.

The recipe for a mixture of oils


  • . Chamomile oil - 1 tsp;
  • . Olive oil - 1 tsp;
  • calendula oil extract -. 1 tsp.

Preparation and Application

In a clean glass bottle Shake ingredients. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab or special soft brush on the eyebrows for 10 minutes. Remains to remove tissue.

Also in the home, you can prepare an analogue professional oil otraschivaniya eyebrows. Additionally, you will need to buy vitamins Aevitum in gelatin capsules.

Oil for the growth of eyebrows

Recipe oil blend of intense action


  • castor oil - 0.5 tsp;.
  • Aevitum - 1 capsule;
  • avocado oil or jojoba oil - 0.5 tsp;.
  • almond oil - 0.5 tsp..

Preparation and Application

Carefully shake the oil, to improve their mix can be heated. Lubricate the evening, this tool eyebrows for 20-30 minutes, remove the surplus mixture with a cotton pad.

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