Camphor oil for eyelashes

Camphor oil for eyelashes

The benefits of castor oil for eyebrows and eyelashes heard everything, but that camphor oil for eyelashes no less useful - it is known a little. This unique natural product significantly improves the appearance of eyelashes look, making it more dense and long.

I can smear eyelashes camphor oil?

As part of the camphor oil rich in vitamins and minerals, but even more - essential acids and oils, so it is in contact with the mucous can cause a burning sensation and tearing. Smear camphor oil should not for ever, and on the tips of the lashes. Useful substances gradually descend down to the roots, feeding them and provoking the hair bulbs that can significantly accelerate the growth of eyelashes. Here are the most simple recipe application of camphor oil for the growth of eyelashes :

  1. Take the package with the brush from your old mascara, thoroughly wash and dry.
  2. Using a pipette, drip directly into the vial 3 drops of castor oil and 5 drops of camphor.
  3. Clean with a brush of mascara to blend the components inside. This should be done prior to each use.
  4. Apply the mixture on the lashes just like mascara. Wait 20-30 minutes, blot the lashes with a cotton pad.
Camphor oil for eyelashes

This procedure is not recommended before going to sleep, it can provoke the morning swelling under the eyes.

Another way to use camphor oil for eyelashes

If you do not want to bother with cleaning tube of mascara and mixing the ingredients, you can simply wash the brush by brasmatika and drop it directly into a container of camphor oil. To means not gaining too much, you need to wet the brush wool. After that - to put oil on the tips of the lashes. Use clean oil to the entire din is not recommended.

Already after a month of regular use of camphor oil, you will notice that the lashes become longer and fluffy. This is an excellent way to restore normal appearance after you get rid of the building .

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