Eyelash curlers

Eyelash curlers

Curling eyelashes - a wonderful invention that helps to create a truly fascinating sight even to those women whose lashes are neither long nor volume. It is worth noting that those girls who were fortunate enough to have long lashes , it is necessary to try to apply such tweezers. It is often long eyelashes are straight, and their lack of bending, which is able to "open the" eyes, emphasize their shape and give the look particularly attractive.

How to choose tweezers for eyelashes?

Tweezers for eyelashes produce many cosmetic brand. Popular classic models, and innovation in this area are electric (thermal) eyelash curlers.

Conventional metal or plastic tweezers for eyelash curler is a tool with a working surface, follows the curve of the eye. The upper part of the forceps resembles nail scissors, but the web which is not flat, and form two mating between a arc. Bottom arc has a recess along the entire length, lined with a rubber gasket and the upper arc is superimposed on it, going into the gum, like in a puzzle.

Choosing twisting tweezers for eyelashes, it is recommended to pay attention on a spring and rubber seal. In simple models are no springs, but this detail hinders movement and prevents excessive squeeze cilia. With regard to the gum covering the working surfaces of tweezers, it is important that they are strong, moderately rigid and tightly fixed. If the gum is damaged, it will negatively affect the state of the eyelashes.

How to use tongs for eyelashes?

Those girls who have never seen eyelash curlers, can hardly imagine how to use them. But in fact it is quite easy, and just after the second or third, you can use "fill the hand" and perform the process easily and efficiently.

Looking in more detail, how to curl the lashes with forceps, here are some important guidelines:

  1. Begin to curl the eyelashes only necessary when you have time, do not rush and do not be late. Especially if you're going to do it the first time. It is necessary to do so, being in a quiet environment, very carefully and attentively to not inadvertently damage the lashes.
  2. Use tweezers to be before applying mascara, because painted eyelashes become rigid and brittle, so when perms can be hurt. In addition, the applied ink may become wrinkled and crumble.
  3. Curling is recommended only clean and dry lashes, because wet lashes are difficult twisting and quickly return to their normal state.
  4. Immediately before curling tongs should hold a jet of hot air dryer or put in hot water for a few seconds (and then wiped to dryness).
  5. Comb cilia brush, should be disclosed to place the tweezers so that the lashes were between the arches. Then you need to gently press the lashes at the base, taking care not to
    Eyelash curlers
    capture the eyelid. Hold a few seconds, the bow slowly and carefully open the must, gradually moving to the ends and forming a bend.
  6. Secure the result you can, using mascara. After each use tweezers to be cleaned.

Harmful if curling eyelashes?

If you use tweezers eyelash curler on a daily basis, especially thermal, over time, this can lead to breakage. Therefore it is better to use tweezers only in special cases, while not forgetting to regularly strengthen the lashes, for example, using castor oil.

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