How to remove the lashes?

How to remove the lashes?

Eyes with lashes always look attractive. Still, only 2-3 hours of the procedure and the appearance of the girls is almost completely transformed. Sight becomes soft and seductive. And most importantly - no need to use mascara, which often slips, falls down and is spread by the end of the day. With the same lashes each girl turns into a beautiful woman after awakening. The main thing to know - how to remove the lashes themselves.

A variety of techniques capacity to satisfy all needs. Fox squirrel or opinion, the Japanese build cilia only in the corners of his eyes, building with decorative ornaments, colored cilia, everyday or holiday - nothing is impossible to a good master.

Features lashes

To make the procedure better than a specialist, masters of their craft. It is not only a professional knows how to build, but how to remove the lashes. Initially advised to do a test build of several cilia, to determine whether there is an allergic reaction to hair or glue, which are attached to the eye lashes. Modern variety of adhesives and materials for lash themselves strikes and promises to every girl the opportunity to be transformed.

It does not matter if you if you wear contact lenses - a neat care allows to enjoy the beauty without any problems. The main thing to know how to remove the lashes, if there is this urgent need, and not to the master drive. The only case where the capacity is not recommended - it's acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the eye.

How to remove the lashes?

There are several ways to remove the true cilia:

  • using debondera;
  • using oil;
  • using a cream.

Consider removing the lashes debonderom, because he is a professional tool. So debonder - a special liquid to remove the lashes that gently dissolves adhesive. The tool is available for sale and is not expensive. But with him you have to be careful, because it is a chemical solvent that contains toxic substances and should not fall into the eye.

The technology is simple: the lower eyelid to be treated or soft milk cream, then apply debonder on the lash line. Apply it is convenient to use special brushes, or if you do not have this, then a cotton swab. Movement should be blotted. After 1 minute, you can try to start the removal. If you see that the glue does not dissolve completely, wait a minute or try applying debondera. After removing all of the cilia is recommended to remove the remnants of funds tonic or milk for the eyes and treat any nourishing lash line with oil ( almond , burdock, etc.).

But debonder can be handy, especially if you need to get rid of the beauty in the event of an emergency. Therefore, we focus on how to remove the lashes oil.

How to remove the lashes?

For this purpose, any suitable base oil (olive, sunflower, castor, etc.). It should be slightly warm, in any case not before the hot temperatures. Then, cotton sponges should be soaked in oil and put on lids. Depending on the glue, the exposure time may be from 30 minutes to several hours. If the adhesive is not soluble, it can be treated with oil eyelashes and leave overnight. On the morning of the cilia removed easily.

If the oil for some reason is not available, it can be used to remove the cilia fat cream for the face. Usually for this purpose it is suitable Nourishing Night Cream. The technology is similar to the use of oil - cream should be applied through the natural growth of cilia, wait until the glue will dissolve and gently remove the artificial hairs.

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