Oil for the growth of eyelashes

Oil for the growth of eyelashes

Beautiful, dark and thick eyelashes today can be accessed using different makeup or cosmetic procedures. But instead of eyelash extension, after which your lashes will not look well, you can ask for help from a variety of natural oils:

  • sea buckthorn,
  • almond,
  • olive;
  • coconut;
  • Burdock.

The oils may be used singly, and preparing nutritious mixture.

Oil for eyelashes

It is very nourishing and softening is sea buckthorn oil for eyelashes. It can be used as an independent oil and applied to the lashes every day, before going to bed. One may prepare a mixture with castor oil in a ratio of 1: 1. To strengthen the perfect peach oil for eyelashes. After its use cilia become thick and fluffy. The same effect can also be obtained from the use of burdock oil mascara. In addition, burdock oil makes them more shiny and strong.

All owners of rare and short eyelashes need to try to put on their olive oil. It comprises fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins A and E, it can easily penetrate into the hair follicles.

You can also use coconut oil to enhance eyelashes. It has a lot of protein, which will restore your lashes. It has excellent antibacterial and soothing effect. But coconut oil gives an instant effect. It should be used regularly.

Using almond oil for eyelashes, you make them thick and strong. It nourishes the hair.

But in general oil for eyelash growth will fit almost any woman, as they:

  • available in a wide range;
  • have a low cost;
  • It can be combined according to your individual choice of mixture components.

How to apply oil to the eyelashes?

To apply oil or a mixture of the eyelashes, it is convenient to use a thoroughly cleaned brush mascara, eyelash brush of a set of brushes or use a conventional cotton swab. What would lashes per night is not stuck, apply oil to the eyelashes, and after 20-30 minutes, remove the excess with a cotton swab lightly, as if you paint them in ink.

mixtures of oils

For a more stable results, try to use a mixture of oil for eyelashes. They can easily be made at home. In a small bowl clean (it can be washed from the candle sleeve cap of shaving foam, liqueur glass), mix a few drops of castor and almond oil. There also drip a little avocado oil or jojoba oil. Gently mix all and pour into a jar, the rest from any oil or syringe emptied into a clean tube of mascara. Use the mixture should be at night or in the evening. It can also be used for eyebrows.

Excellent stimulant growth of eyelashes can be prepared from a mixture of castor, olive, almond and

Oil for the growth of eyelashes
burdock oil in equal proportions. The mixture was add a few drops of vitamins A and E in the oil. Use the mixture should be every day, for a month.

For growth can be cooked this mixture: 3 drops of aloe juice mixed with two or three drops of vitamin E oil. Adding to 1 h. Spoon of castor oil and burdock. Apply every evening and hold for 2 hours. Then rinse.

It is worth remembering that the oil is excellent treat eyelashes and eyebrows. But we should not allow oil or mixture of oils on the mucous membrane of eyes. This will cause an unpleasant sensation of the oil film on the eye, which is not washed off with water, and you may receive eye swelling.

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