It is believed that unibrow found only in women with tropical countries, but it is not. Such brows may be in the northern and western beauties, just have not noticed this defect. Experts have long responded to the question, why are fused eyebrows. This is due to an excess in the body of a woman the male hormone testosterone.

How to get rid of the unibrow?

Unibrow girls do not look very attractive, so they carefully try to get rid of them, and modern cosmetology offers a variety of techniques that help to remove unwanted hair from the nose, as in a short time, and for a long period.

Cream for hair removal

The first and most popular method of getting rid of the hair on the nose - a cream for depilation. Today, a wide range of products manufactured by various cosmetic companies. The main advantages of creams are:

  • possibility to use at home;
  • simply use;
  • guaranteed painless.

Such simple means, as a cream for depilation also has disadvantages:

  • sharp unpleasant smell;
  • tool removes only the hair above the skin surface, so the procedure must be repeated at intervals of several days.

Wax and sugar hair removal

The next way to get rid of accrete thick eyebrows on the bridge - a wax or sugar hair removal. This procedure allows you to get rid of unwanted hair in seconds. If desired, the hair removal with wax, or sugar can be done at home, but the first time it is desirable to apply to the master - so it will take less painful and more efficient.

The main advantage of this method is that one treatment is sufficient for a long time - from two to four weeks. With regular use of this method, the hairs stop growing. It is also important to know that sugar is more expensive hair removal wax, but it is less painful. In addition, it is able to remove the short hairs that wax "did not notice."


Electrolysis refers to the new effective methods of cosmetology. This procedure is done in many beauty salons, so if you want you can without difficulty to use for removing hair on the nose. Lack of hair removal using current - is a high level of morbidity. But it is a significant lack of this procedure has a big advantage - a lasting effect (three to five weeks). In addition, the hairs with the regular passage of this procedure disappear completely.

Electrolysis - it is an expensive procedure and is billed per minute, but the removal of hair on the nose does not take a lot of time, and therefore money.


Laser and photoepilation

These types of hair removal are modern methods of getting rid of unwanted hair. In the direction of the laser beams of flashlights and hair follicles are destroyed, and the hair of each procedure is becoming less. Unlike other effective methods of these types of hair removal allows to get rid of hair in just a few treatments. Laser as epilation - quite an expensive operation, but the result will not take long.

Choosing how to remove a unibrow, you need to consult a specialist, because each method has its contraindications and side effects. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences sure to follow the advice specialist.

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