Gel for eyebrows

Gel for eyebrows

Eyebrows as the hair of women, require maintenance. They should always be neat and have a healthy appearance, since no makeup could not hide the bad shape of eyebrows and their carelessness. To help take care of the eyebrows may be a gel for eyebrows, which now produces most of the cosmetic companies.

Forms gel for eyebrows

All gels have eyebrow modeling and fixation effect. In addition, many manufacturers of cosmetics are manufactured color gel for eyebrows, who also paints an eyebrow, giving it the desired shade. It is very convenient as a means not only can you make a beautiful shape eyebrows , but to adjust its color, thereby making the makeup more vivid and attractive.

For evening make-up manufacturers produce gels with glitter, which are not visible in daylight, absolutely amazing and look artificial consecration - giving the image a woman of mystery and brightness.

If your brows are ill and you think that they should be supported, then you should pay attention to the gels with natural oils and nourishing vitamins.

Also, cosmetic companies offer women gel unruly eyebrows and eyelashes. This gel is very easy to use and extremely useful for women who have unruly hair.

How to use the gel for eyebrows?

As with any cosmetic product, a gel for styling eyebrows must be used correctly, otherwise the desired effect will not be obtained. Cosmetic means must be applied either after you plucked eyebrows, or daily in the morning. The gel is applied to the applicator eyebrow (Special brush), which helps not only to accurately apply a cosmetic, but also to comb the eyebrow, giving the necessary form.

Overlay the gel should be right - starting from the nose and gently lead the brush in the direction of the forehead, slightly raising it up to the eyebrows were more refined and feminine form.

The best gels for brows

Gel for eyebrows from Benefit Speed Brow

This gel can be attributed to the universal, that is, he not only captures and models, but also gives the necessary shade eyebrows, in this case, it is brown.

The advantages of the gel from the Benefit is the fact that it lays down a thin layer, thereby depriving eyebrow natural shine. Also, not only gel invisible to the eye but also by touch. Touching, is not it seems that brow covered with something.

Lack of brown gel for eyebrows Speed Brow by Benefit - is its ineffectiveness at laying unruly hairs.

Gel Giordani Gold eyebrows by Oriflame

Giordani Gold Gel refers to simulating translucent gels. It perfectly captures the hairs, without gluing them, and preserving the natural smoothness. These are the basic qualities and attract women. Gel Giordani Gold exists two types - for light and dark eyebrows. The tool gives the saturation of the natural color of the eyebrows, making them more prominent and attractive.

The advantages of the gel for eyebrows from Oriflame is the fact that it highlights every hair, thereby maintaining the natural eyebrows.

Gel Lumene Eyebrow Eyebrow

Gel for eyebrows Lumene Eyebrow modeling refers to transparent gels.

Gel for eyebrows
It perfectly captures the selected shape of eyebrows, without making the hair stiff. The following properties can be attributed to the benefits of the gel:

  1. Exactly and easily falls on the brow.
  2. Fixes shape for a long time.
  3. We offer the spiral brush makes the application process is very user friendly, so that the shape of eyebrows is obtained accurate.
  4. The gel has a brownish hue, so when applying eyebrow slightly stained in a dark color. Due to the fact that the resulting color looks very natural, the gel is very popular among women.

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