Eyelash extensions - pros and cons

Eyelash extensions - pros and cons

The popular and fashionable today procedure for eyelash extension - a great way to always look attractive to those girls who can not boast of luxurious eyelashes by nature. However, this method can be called quite radical and, in addition, requires a lot of financial costs. Therefore, many are wondering whether to build or not eyelashes, eyelash whether benefits or harms. In this paper, considering the pros and cons of eyelash extensions, try to understand whether this method justifies itself.

The positive effect of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions - this is a great alternative to the daily staining eyelashes mascara, which for some girls become real salvation is not enough to solve the problem of long and thick eyelashes.

The advantages of this method include:

  • no need for daily use mascara and make-up remover before going to bed, which saves time and effort;
  • compared to mascara, which restricts the use of the swimming pool, the beach, saunas, baths, etc., lashes are more resistant to moisture and UV light, so when they are used all permitted;
  • the ability to visually adjust the shape and size of the eye by means of lashes;
  • Individual selection of colors, lengths, bending, thickness of eyelashes, taking into account the wishes of the client thanks to a wide range of eyelashes for the building;
  • the possibility of additional decoration of eyelashes (eg, crystals) to a glamorous gala event or party.

Damage from eyelash

If you do not have medical contraindications for this procedure, and it is carried out in a professional environment with the use of quality materials, it is no harm no eyelashes or health in general can cause build-up is not. Damage from eyelash extensions and possible negative consequences of ignoring these contraindications:

  • diseases of the eye (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, involuntary tearing, etc..);
  • propensity to allergic reactions;
  • susceptibility to mucosal inflammation and swelling.

Disadvantages eyelash linked mainly to the fact that for the sake of beauty women have to go to some of the "victim." For example, you need to change some habits and get used to the efforts of some accompanying this procedure in the future.

Cons eyelash
  • need careful care of artificial eyelashes , which requires gentle handling and eliminates mechanical impact on them (do not rub your eyes with hands, a towel);
  • lovers to sleep on your stomach should abandon this position in favor of sleep supine (otherwise the cilia just broken);
  • lenses and lashes are mutually exclusive - if you wear lenses, you have to give them up, because the daily manipulation at times shorten the life of "service" artificial eyelashes;
  • should observe an increased accuracy when using eye shadow,
    Eyelash extensions - pros and cons
    being careful not to touch the lash line;
  • eyelash requires regular updates from the master (every 2-3 weeks) and related investments;
  • You can not use fatty creams and oily agents for the skin around the eyes, as well as tools for make-up remover eye.

Summing up, it should be noted that the eyelash - an effective and safe procedure. But it pays off only if performed professionally, and all associated restrictions will not deliver undue hassle.

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