Eyebrows for round face

Eyebrows for round face

Eyes are traditionally called the mirror of the soul. And what about the eyebrows? They are, perhaps, can be called a reflection of our emotions and moods. And for a woman eyebrows - it is also an indicator of how much she cares about her appearance, there tends to look well-groomed and attractive.

Neat eyebrows correctly adjusted for any form of natural data to help look your best. For a round face shape eyebrows - the question is not idle, and let's it thoroughly will understand.

How to choose a brow shape for round face?

Round face on the nature of a rather broad, with a soft chin and hairline zaokruglennoy line. To bring it closer to the oval circuit, it is necessary to resort to certain tricks, and the line of eyebrows great help in this. Perfect eyebrows for round face - broken, with high elevation and relatively short tail. Such eyebrows shifted focus from horizontal to vertical, visually lengthen the upper part of the face and reduce its. The most unfortunate shape - round, or curved, which only adds roundness, repeating the contours of the face.

It is one thing - say, what about the right to draw a beautiful eyebrows specifically taken for a round face? Quite simply, you need to define three main points: the beginning of the eyebrow, and her break through. For this

Eyebrows for round face
mentally draw a vertical line on the face, passing through the outer edge of the wing of the nose and the inner corner of the eye (you can pick up a pencil and apply it to the face). The intersection of this line with the eyebrow is its beginning (point A). Draw a second line - from the wing of the nose through the outer edge of the iris of the eyes and eyebrows to where it will be the break point (point B). The third line will run from the same wing of the nose, touches the outer corner of the eye and where it reaches the eyebrows denote its end point (point C).

Here we have defined the contours of perfect eyebrows for round face (see photo). The section from A to B - a brow lift, its main portion, its width is not changed, and from point B to C - tail which tapers smoothly. All the hairs that fall outside of the points A and C, to be ruthless removal, and if your natural brow line does not get to them, will have dorisovyvat cosmetic pencil or use the tattoo.

Create eyebrows for round face

Now we proceed to action. Tweezers need to pull out all that extends beyond the beginning and end points of eyebrows. Recheck the starting point, you can in another way: the distance between the eyebrows approximately two fingers. The width of the brow for a round face is determined empirically, carefully removing one hair from the bottom and evaluating the results, as he does not seem like the best. It is believed that the expressive facial features, the greater must be the eyebrows. Thin line just adorn ladies with small features.

You can for convenience first draw eyebrows on the face of a dark pencil and paint the excess hair white. A few rules eyebrows correction:

  • never tweeze eyebrows on the upper edge, only the bottom. Firstly, to give a clear outline of the upper boundary is unlikely, and, secondly, the removal of hair just above the eyes enlarges them like opening;
  • it is not necessary to give tips for round face eyebrows too sharp edges;
  • make sure that the eyebrows have turned to both symmetric (by nature, they often have a different shape);
  • long hair, which bristle, can be fixed with a special gel or wax eyebrow;
  • if rare eyebrows, get help from a pencil, eye shadow, eyebrow or tattoo;
  • eyebrow color should be in harmony with the shade of hair. A striking blonde suitable light brown and gray eyebrows, brown - the color of dark chocolate, and only burning brunettes can allow himself black.

Well, finally notice how fascinating look-faced stars from the summit of Mount Olympus show business: Cameron Diaz, Drew Beerrimor, Oprah Winfrey. And last but not least thanks to the correct correction eyebrow shape for round face (photo).

Eyebrows for round face

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