Eyebrows for oval face

Eyebrows for oval face

"I met a girl: a crescent brow ..." - sung in the old Tajik song about love at first sight. Many peoples of the world, along with the beauty of a female eye brow charm sang many songs and poems composed of black-browed maidens, beauties. At various times, there was a fashion on the brow shape: they shaved off completely, drawing surprised arc or plucked strings. Today, we do not follow trends blindly united, knowing that the shape of the eyebrows can dramatically change the appearance of the person and select it depending on its type. What eyebrows are perfect for oval face and how to give them the desired shape?

Forms eyebrows for oval face

Owners of an oval face can be envied - their nature endowed with the type of person that does not require correction itself. They can safely rely on your natural brow shape and beaten out only to pull out the hairs to give brows neat appearance. As experts say make-up, the best eyebrows for oval face - native, but well maintained. And yet, there is no limit to perfection. "Maximize" the eye, make the eyes look more open, and the expression on his face - a flirtatious or, on the contrary, serious and businesslike, it's all in your hands. The most successful form of eyebrows for oval face is considered stylists horizontal, arched and with a mild fracture.

Straight shape eyebrows for oval face

Horizontal or straight eyebrows emphasize the oval face and very long face make visually shorter and more rounded. They give a woman strong, not fearful of responsibility, with good instincts head and balanced character. You have straight eyebrows? Avoid supitsya when you think about serious things, and when dealing with people slightly raise them. This will give the welcoming face and innocent expression. That straight eyebrows for oval face

Eyebrows for oval face
suitable confirms photo Natalie Portman recognized by the Hollywood beauty.

If the head is too low brow above the eye, the face becomes a little frown. In this case, straight eyebrows for oval face can be a little correct: at the natural bending to pluck a few hairs in the bottom of the eyebrows and make a couple of strokes of the pencil at the top. Short tail can also be slightly lengthened. Not very well looked straight eyebrows coal black color, keep this in mind when choosing a pencil or mascara for the eyebrows.

Eyebrows with a mild fracture

Many believe this form of reference eyebrows, because they give clear view and genuine sincerity, young and balance the facial features. Almond-shaped eyes in harmony with slightly izlomlennymi eyebrows just perfect. But the break does not have to be high and sharp, it looks unnatural, gives the oval face an expression of permanent surprise or displeasure. Soft same kink emphasizes femininity and sexy ladies.

How to create eyebrows for oval face with a mild fracture? They are characterized by long and straight ascending line, formed by the head and body of his eyebrows, and the passing down the tail. The ratio of long and short pieces of 2: 1. The bulk of the eyebrow should be wide enough, after passing the place of fracture is gradually shrinking. Do not overdo it with eyebrow length too long dipped the tip imposes a shadow of sadness.

Arched eyebrows for oval face

Eyebrows for oval face

Classical arched (round) shape of the eyebrows gives the face a peaceful expression of the Madonna. It helps soften the rough facial features, add a look of tenderness and warmth. Starship example - beautiful Monica Bellucci, her arched eyebrows are perfect for oval face (photo).

If you set out to find such eyebrows, be careful with bending height, length and line thickness. Highly raised eyebrows with a long tail turn you into a strict teacher approaching retirement age, and thin eyebrows-strings - in prettier mymra Lyudmila Prokofievna of "Office Romance". For round eyebrows relevant natural width, which is very gradually decreases from head to tail, and a moderate length.

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