How to make a beautiful eyebrows?

How to make a beautiful eyebrows?

Many women do not get tired to take care of facial skin, and each day carefully perform eye makeup and lips, but do not pay attention to the eyebrows. And it is in vain. "Right" eyebrows can dramatically change the perception of the person around, change the expression on his face and give it a youthful appearance. If you for some reason have lost sight of the importance of caring for the eyebrows, it's time to correct the situation. How and where to make beautiful eyebrows (at home or in a beauty salon), we'll talk.

How to identify and make a beautiful shape eyebrows?

Immediately determine what eyebrows will go for you, is not easy. So you should at least once to see a specialist, who will tell and show you how to make a beautiful brow shape for your face, pick up their optimum shade and give tips on care. To correct their form is necessary, first of all, to remove hairs that are knocked out of the ideal line of your eyebrows. In the salon you can offer these ways to remove hair:

  • hair removal (laser or electro) - radical option to solve the problem, how to make beautiful eyebrows. After a few steps, you almost always get rid of the need to adjust their shape;
  • waxing or twisted thread - methods, at first glance, are not difficult, but only for the experienced hands of the master;
  • plucking tweezers - the classic way: efficient, safe and accessible to play at home.

How to make a beautiful eyebrows at home?

Tweezers - the best tool for self-align the eyebrows to perfect shape. High-quality tweezers made of high strength steel (stainless steel or chrome), characterized by soft closing and completely smooth, very tightly meshed sponges. The shape of the edges are direct, oblique and pointy tweezers. By design, they are the traditional forms of direct and handles like a scissors, and even automatic with built-in lighting and a magnifying glass. The choice depends on your preference, because how to make beautiful eyebrows at home you can only convenient device for you personally.

Before you strongly to make a beautiful shape eyebrows at home in front of a mirror, comb their brush in the direction of growth. You can first draw the desired contour dark eyebrow pencil, and all that is to be removed, the white paint. And now, from the tail eyebrows and gradually moving to the nose, pull out excess hair on its lower edge.

A few rules to make as beautiful eyebrows with tweezers:

  • do not try to remove just one touch a lot of hairs. Keep in mind that sometimes they can be quite long and capture the excess hair can create bald land, violating the outlines of eyebrows;
  • Stretch your skin with your free hand around the eyebrows and grab the hair closer to the top: it ensures pulling hairs with bulbs and reduce pain treatments;
  • if you carry bad pain after each movement tweezers massage the skin at the site of a hair removal;
  • at the end of correction, wipe the skin with cologne or boric acid solution and apply a soothing cream.

How to make a beautiful color the eyebrows?

It is not only the shape but also the color of the eyebrows, which must either match the shade of hair or darker than on a 1-2 pitch. Black eyebrows will only brunettes and brown-haired and fair-haired young ladies need to pick one of the many shades of brown, warm or cold.

For daily makeup convenient pencils, mascara and eye shadow eyebrow special. Using a pencil, try not to hold them to a continuous line, and the short strokes to simulate natural looking hair, especially where you want to create the effect of density or extend the eyebrow line. Gel for eyebrows help fix unruly hair and give them shine (by the way, it is possible to use hair gel).

How to make the most beautiful eyebrows without having to tint them every morning?

How to make a beautiful eyebrows?
Paint them with special paint for eyelashes and eyebrows, which is sold at any cosmetic shop. Color persists for 2-3 weeks, and eyebrows look very natural. The main thing - follow the instructions and apply the paint very carefully, so as not to stain the skin. Never use conventional eyebrow hair dye!

If you do not believe in their abilities, trust the master cabin. At his disposal a professional paint with a rich palette, and by mixing the colors he will choose you the only one that will make you irresistible. (Paints for home use have only two colors - black and brown). Master may lighten too dark or badly colored houses eyebrows. But the most lasting effect - from six months to three years - provides a modern permanent makeup eyebrows, that is, permanent makeup.

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