Eyebrow Shape for long face

Eyebrow Shape for long face

The narrow (or elongated) the person has the shape of an elongated oval, which is greater than the horizontal, the vertical axis is 1.5 times or more. It is characterized by a high forehead and a long chin, the nose also usually has an elongated shape. The people long faces often called unflattering word "horse", why their owner is very complex. But narrow face has always been considered a sign of aristocratic descent, people with such a person - extraordinary nature and creatively gifted. Among the recognized contemporary sex symbols ladies with a longer face shape much: Liv Tyler, Cher, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue. But these stars did not doubt her attractiveness!

The truth is that the narrow face requires a balanced approach to the selection of hairstyles and makeup that need to visually shorten it. The same applies to the eyebrow shape for the long face: modeled correctly, they visually negate the difference in proportions.

What brows fit for the long face?

Experts beautiful ladies with a long face recommend eyebrows removed from the nose, and the average width. The most successful is considered drawing eyebrows, tending to the horizontal line. Ideally it is straight eyebrows (Figure 11), they are well equilibrated with a long face and facial expressions give some pure immediacy.

Eyebrow Shape for long face
An important point: the eyebrow for long face should be of sufficient length, reaching the outer corner of the eye, and its tail to look at the tip of the ear, or even a little above it.

If the clear horizontal lines of eyebrows seem too radical to you, try a curved or arcuate shape eyebrows for long face - gentle curve will give the person missing roundness. (Shown embodiments 9, 10, 12). But the height of the arch should be very small, and the tip in any case is not lowered down to the temples.

Unsuccessful eyebrow shape for narrow faces

Eyebrows with a steep break or round held high arch emphasize the vertical lines of the face. As a result, it seems even longer than it actually is. In addition, you will provide the effect of surprise or indignation, but perhaps this we sought? Eyebrow Shape for long face suggests avoiding the ascending and descending lines - no head or the tip of the eyebrows should not form pronounced angles in relation to the horizontal.

Do not try and pluck eyebrows thin strings. This will give an unnatural appearance and disrupt the general harmony of facial features, and they are quite expressive have long faces.

Simulate the eyebrows for a narrow face

Getting eyebrow correction, which has awarded you Mother Nature, it will be useful to take into account such nuances:

  • the beginning of the eyebrows for a narrow face is flush with the edge of the nostrils, the distance between the eyebrows, the eyes is approximately equal to the section or two fingers;
  • Be sure to remove all excess hair in the nose: the nose will seem shorter and the face itself - more tender;
  • the transition from the broad head of his eyebrows to a thin tip should be as smooth, clearly marked "comma" narrow face decorates;
  • If your eyebrows are shaped like a tough break, you may have to remove hair on the upper edge of the eyebrow center, and to preserve its width to make a few strokes of a pencil on the bottom;
  • Eyebrow Shape for long face
  • upward tips visually shorten the face, so if the natural line of the brow arcs tends down, it is shortened and model ponytail makeup tools.

Make the face more attractive and help other tweaks. Eyebrow Shape for long face will work even better if their line to bring a direct bang, covering high forehead. And the excessive length of the face perfectly "eats" a fashion accessory, like sunglasses. And how can we not think of a great lover of points Ksenia Sobchak! Only the frame need to be chosen in such a way that it does not cover an eyebrow.

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