Cosmetic oils for the face of the wrinkles

Cosmetic oils for the face of the wrinkles

Cosmetic oils are cold pressed from plants. It - grains, nuts, seeds. They are completely natural and have a guaranteed efficiency. Use cosmetic oils, even those are facial wrinkles, sensitive skin, because their composition is almost identical to that of sebum.

Most cosmetic oils of wrinkles

You decided to use a natural product? But what better cosmetic oil from wrinkles? It all depends on your type of person. If you have very dry skin, buy palm oil . It perfectly nourishes and softens, suitable even for flaky, rough and parched skin while fine wrinkles.

Owners of normal skin suit coconut oil. It has rejuvenating properties and nourishes not peresuzhivaya and leaving no oily shine. Use this cosmetic oil from wrinkles can be and to care for the area around the eyes, to clean the bright manifestation of the "crow's feet".

Sea buckthorn oil - perfect aging skin. It quickly removes small and deep wrinkles and lightens dark spots. If in addition to age-related changes, you have to face the damaged tissue, apply almond oil or avokadnoe. With their help for a short period of time, you can eliminate the microcracks, flabby, reduce inflammation and promote the regeneration of damaged cells.

Apricot oil - the best cosmetic oils from small, radial wrinkles around the eyes. It is suitable to owners of oily or normal skin suffering from vitamin deficiency.

Recipes funds with cosmetic oils

Any cosmetic oils help get rid of wrinkles, if it is used not only as an independent product, but also as a part of masks. So by adding 1 egg yolk 5 ml of sea buckthorn oil and 5 g of yellow clay, you get a great mask against dryness.

Cosmetic oils for the face of the wrinkles
It should be applied for 15 minutes and washed off with warm water. It is also considered to be very effective mask with the following oils:

  1. Coconut oil. Mix 5 g of an oil, 15 g of rice flour and 20 g of green tea.
  2. Palm oil. Combine the oil with 20 g of 20 ml of peach or apricot juice and 10 g of flour (oat or wheat).
  3. Almond oil. 15 ml of oil mixed with 5 ml of lemon juice, 10 g of wheat flour (for oily skin) or oatmeal (for very dry skin).
  4. Peach oil. Beat 5 ml of oil with 25 grams of peach puree and 10 ml of cream.

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