Endoscopic facelift

Endoscopic facelift

Endoscopic lifting - a new word in cosmetology. Professionals call it the tightening of the latest generation of face, as this method allows you to lift without incisions or autopsy tissue, but only by a puncture. Endoscopic lifting leaves behind a trace, that is, even the most attentive friend will not be able to catch you in that you have restored its natural beauty with the help of medical intervention. Because of this method began to enjoy great popularity among women.

Endoscopic lifting is done for the individual areas of the face such as the forehead or eyebrows. Indications for lifting in different parts of the skin are different, so we will try to understand them.

Endoscopic lifting of forehead

Indications for surgery on the frontal area of a lot of subjective among them - it wrinkles or age-related changes. That is, women resort to endoscopic brow lift solely because he did not want to submit to their natural skin changes. But there are more compelling reasons that plague women:

  1. The omission of the soft tissue in the temporal-frontal areas of the face, because of which the pleats are formed on the upper eyelids. This skin change promises enough discomfort, also can affect vision as folds heavier eyelids and put pressure on the eyeballs.
  2. "Hood" Education. Near the outer corner of the eye takes place drooping eyebrows outdoor department, which is why the skin in this area forms something like a hood. This is not only attractive, but also could adversely affect vision.

But the indications for the lifting of the forehead are very similar to the recommendations for the conduct of such operations on the eyebrow.

Endoscopic lifting of eyebrows

Many of the causes that relate to changes in age persons are indications for surgery. But also

Endoscopic facelift
There are other causes of endoscopic lifting the central zone, ie eyebrow and forehead, namely:

  1. Sad tired caused mikromorschinami and slightly saggy skin.
  2. "Crow's feet" , accompanied by the overhanging eyebrows.
  3. Reducing the distance between the eyebrows and upper eyelids, which are also caused by changes in the soft tissues.

Many of these readings woman can identify yourself, but, even so, before you decide on surgery, you should consult with an experienced professional who will be able to objectively assess the presence or absence of indications for endoscopic lifting.

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