Filament lifting

Filament lifting

Filament lifting - non-surgical facial rejuvenation technique. Lift (lifting) is performed with special threads. This cosmetic procedure is designed primarily for the age group from 30 to 50 years of age and is indicated for the initial signs of change facial contours sagging tissues of the face and neck.

Indications for lifting a filament

Filament facelift carried out at:

  • stock pronounced nasolabial folds;
  • the formation of double chin ;
  • omission of the zygomatic;
  • sagging cheeks;
  • omission of the external edges of the eyebrows.

Contraindications for lifting a filament

Absolute contraindications to conduct a filament lifting are:

  • malignancy;
  • autoimmune diseases ;
  • severe allergic disease;
  • diseases associated with impaired functioning of the hemostatic system;
  • diabetes.

It is undesirable to carry out the procedure for chronic skin diseases and during pregnancy - lactation. Also not recommended torch lift with herpes and other skin diseases. If there are significant signs of age holding a filament lifting does not give proper effect.

Technique of a filament lifting

The essence of the procedure is to return to the shifting point of the fabric, where they were to sag, and fix them there by means of threads. For this purpose, special needles and gold or polypropylene yarns, which are compatible with human tissues. In recent years, more and more often for the lifting of the face and the neck threads are used materials on the basis of lactic acid, the so-called 3D-mezoniti. Cosmetic procedure allows you to visually lower the age of 5 - 10 years, while in no way affecting the mobility of the facial muscles. Within a few months the threads dissolve and leave the body through the natural elimination pathway.

Rehabilitation after lifting a filament

Filament lifting

The procedure lasts approximately 30 - 50 minutes. To avoid complications in the post-period, it is necessary to carefully follow the recommendations of the expert. Traditionally, patients who have been stranded lifting, gives the following advice for the first few days:

  1. Immediately after the procedure to apply cold.
  2. Do not eat hot food.
  3. Do not carry out any thermal treatments.
  4. Sleeping on your back only.
  5. Do not do massage and other manipulations with the face.

Also during the month of undesirable visit bath, sauna, swimming pool and at a time to reduce facial load.

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