Aerobics Face

Aerobics Face

All women have an urge to preserve youthfulness of soul and body, prevent aging, stay beautiful and taut. And this goal is feasible. Of course, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles is easier than to get rid of them and keep the body health, muscle elasticity and the skin is much easier than repair. And, nevertheless, it is all possible. And one of the oldest and most effective ways of rejuvenation is aerobics for the face and neck muscles. The popularity of such sets of exercises began to grow only a few decades ago. Many authors have adapted the ancient knowledge of the needs and possibilities of modern women, expressing the essence of exercise, safety and useful tips in accessible language. Just a lot of new developments based on discoveries in the field of human anatomy and physiology. Making Sense of the most prominent features of the complexes.

Face aerobics Kremlin

methodology The author claims that the Kremlin exercises for the skin and muscles of the face is a secret elite set of exercises, which was used in Soviet times. Nevertheless, some cosmetologists say some unsafe exercise. On the origin of the Kremlin aerobics facial muscles as there are a lot of conflicting information that calls into question its effectiveness. When this complex special care should be taken when doing the exercises for the muscles of the lower part of the face, especially around the lips.

Aerobics for the skin and facial muscles Carol Maddzhio

This complex is considered one of the most effective. Exercises allow to correct many cosmetic defects, and the result is noticeable already in the first weeks of training. But if not performed correctly, exercise can have the opposite effect. Therefore, before classes are recommended to carefully read the advice and warnings, and to learn the exercises better with video that can be found on the Internet without any problems.

Rejuvenating Complex Juliette Kando

Unlike other methodologies, these analogues have exercises. Their development involved the brother of the author, a professor of physiology. Also exercises for face complex compliance involves a number of recommendations in order to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and significantly improve the skin and body.


We can not ignore the popular technique Benita Kantieni - feysforming. The technique is based not so much on the exercises, as the energy aspect of the processes occurring in the body. To master the system is not so simple, but the results can exceed all expectations.

In practice, it turns out that for many women it is difficult to devote enough time aerobics for the face every day, even in spite of the good results that give a lot of complexes. The following are several exercises you can do during the day, and regular performance, they also will have a positive effect.

  1. Exercise for the nasolabial folds of Taoist practices. Before performing the exercises you need to rub the palm. This is followed by a wink of the fingers - the index to the average, and the little finger with a ring, in this position the brush applied to the face - serried index and middle fingers are placed on the upper lip and the ring and little finger have under the lower lip. A smooth gentle movements to be 22 times to hold hands to ear lobes, drawing a smile on his face. Exercise can be done several times a day, at a convenient time, but one approach is not recommended to do a few cycles.
  2. Exercise for the chin and neck. You must sit straight, straighten your posture. View at the ceiling, and in this position the lower jaw need to raise and lower lip to try to cover the top.
  3. Exercise for the muscles around the eyes. It is necessary to sit straight, relax your face to make the middle finger to point at the center of the eyebrows, the index to the outer corners of eyes and ring to the inner corners. Gently try to squint fixing point, overcoming the resistance of the fingers. Also useful for the eyes circular rotation. To do this, relax your face, close your eyes, and eyeballs rotate in a circle 6-8 times in a clockwise direction and the same in the opposite direction.
  4. Exercise for the brow muscles and skin of the forehead. Pointing fingers should make
    Aerobics Face
    to the eyebrows, gently fix and overcoming the resistance of the fingers to raise the eyebrows up 4-5 times.
  5. Exercise for the cheeks. Puffing out his cheeks, it should roll the air from one cheek to the other.
  6. Exercise Mikulina Alexander for all facial muscles. Tensing muscles, volitional impulse movements should be tightened alternately different muscle groups 8 times (the muscles of the forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, chin, neck). From the voltage at the time of performing the head should tremble. This voltage can be contraindicated, with various problems with blood vessels and vision.

Of course, individual exercises will not produce such an effect, as the whole complex, with a sound sequence and develops all muscle groups. But even a small improvement can inspire great deeds, and may appear in a month's time for the development of more effective methods. And combining aerobics for people with other anti-aging practices can achieve impressive results and preserve the beauty for years to come.

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