Zayed in the corners of the mouth - Treatment

Zayed in the corners of the mouth - Treatment

Zayed is popularly referred to as small cracks and sores at the corners of the mouth. Scientifically, this problem is called an angular stomatitis or angular, and sometimes it is diagnosed as a slit-like impetigo. For the treatment of Zayed in the corners of the mouth, many are turning almost immediately after their appearance, because they cause too much discomfort. Besides the fact that the cracks are almost always inflamed and look very presentable, they also hurt pretty badly.

Zayed treatment at the corners of the mouth in adults

Causes of cracks in the corners of the mouth may be different. Some they occur against the background of the lack of oral hygiene, while others have to suffer because of the activity of pathogenic microorganisms. Accordingly, the treatment to be effective, you first need to determine which is why it is a problem developed:

  1. The disease can be cured of fungal origin antifungal and antiseptic.
  2. If angular stomatitis appeared due to a virus, you will need antiviral medication.
  3. The bacteria rarely cause disease, and yet, in some cases, antibacterial treatment Zayed in the corners of the mouth may be required.
  4. It so happens that it is impossible to determine the cause of the disease. In such cases the complex preparations are assigned providing both antiviral and antifungal and antibacterial activity.

The best treatment for Zayed in the corners of the mouth are considered ointments, creams and lotions for special solutions:

  1. Clotrimazole - ointment for combating fungi. He is assigned in lesions of all types of pathogens except Streptococcus.
  2. A strong ointment Tetracycline is used for bacterial lesions. It is better to be treated more bold forms of the drug, although eye ointment works quite effectively - does not burn, almost never causes allergic reactions.
  3. Stomatidin - a good antiseptic. The solution is usually rinse their mouths. Sometimes it is used for lotions. As shown, the drug and the strength to destroy some fungi, and even streptococci.
  4. Very quick treatment Zayed in the corners of the mouth will ensure remarkable antiseptic iodine, brilliant green or fukortsin. The only condition - after use of skin should be slightly moistened.
  5. To combat the severity of inflammation applied not too strong steroids: Triderm, gioksizon, Trimistin.
  6. After topical treatment with antibiotics is helpful to handle the skin around the lips Bepantenom or D-panthenol. They speed up the healing of wounds.

Zayed treatment at the corners of the mouth during pregnancy

Fighting angular stomatitis during pregnancy is complicated. Unfortunately, due to weakened immunity to future mums have to get sick more often, but it can not be treated with almost nothing. Relevant are only recipes of alternative medicine.

Among the most famous traditional therapies Zayed in the corners of the mouth can be identified as follows:

  1. It is useful to rinse your mouth with infusion of marigold flowers.
    Zayed in the corners of the mouth - Treatment
  2. The leaves of plantain should be pounded until they will not let the juice. After - Apply gruel on the wound.
  3. Very quickly perleches aloe heals. The sheet can be simply applied to the sore spot.
  4. To soften the cracks, they should be lubricated with honey or butter (creamy or sea buckthorn, for example).
  5. To neutralize operating in the Zayed microbes to attach to it enough fresh cut garlic cloves.
  6. Treatment of earwax or own hair does not inspire confidence. Nevertheless, some adherents of traditional medicine are willing to vouch for their effectiveness.

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