White spots on lips

White spots on lips

Small white spots on the lips - a cosmetic defect, which may have several names: Fordyce disease, illness or granules Delbanko Fox-Fordyce. But each of these names refers to the appearance of white spots on the lips, on their rim or inside.

Dermatologists include small rash on the lips to the disease, which is not prone to complications. In addition, the defect does not cause harm to health and is not transmitted by direct contact. Such properties of the disease does not encourage many to its treatment.

Small dots (Fordyce or granules) have a convex shape (a height of at most one millimeter larger granules could reach three to four) in diameter does not exceed two millimeters. Most often, a rash occurs completely painless, but in some cases it may be accompanied by tingling, causing some discomfort and anxiety. In this case, the main thing - it does not comb the rash, or sores can be formed, and as a result of their irritation. Also not recommended to attempt to remove the white dots on their own foreign objects, it can not only lead to infection, but also leave small scars on his lips.

Why do I get the white point on the lips?

The exact causes of the appearance of small white spots on the lips are not established yet, but dermatologists believe that the defect is triggered by a change in the tissues of the sebaceous glands. This process can be caused by many factors. For example, during puberty (14-17 years), or a change in hormonal levels.

Also, white dots may appear as a result of smoking. In this case, the defect appears on the red border of lips, occasionally in the mouth. Inside the lip white dots do not cause absolutely no discomfort, so they can remain unnoticed for a long time. Another cause of the points may be incorrect personal hygiene. In addition, there are less common causes of small white dots on the lips:

  • injury excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands;
  • narrowing of ducts, whereby isolation and accumulate skin glands are clogged;
  • hormonal disbalance;
  • adrenal gland tumor.

According to statistics, the disease occurs in 35% of women and 60% men. After thirty years in terms become less prominent, and almost invisible. This is due to the fact that at this age begins fading of the sebaceous glands. But not many people want to live with this defect to thirty years, so look for effective ways to treat the disease.

Treatment of white spots on the lips

Fordyce disease can be attributed to non-dangerous diseases. White spots are not able to harm the health, but also to benefit from them as not. Therefore, many patients are trying to cure them. A feature of the disease is that it can not be completely cured. All known methods recognized beauticians ineffective - they are able to remove only the external symptoms of the disease.

White spots on lips
But at the same time using simple available drugs can reduce the severity of disease.

This can be used jojoba oil and Retin-A. These funds are preventative - they prevent the spread of the pellets were removed and new formations. This effect can significantly reduce the severity of the disease. The old granules are removed with a laser. The laser is able to remove all the points, but in most cases, this method gives only a temporary effect, since by the time the new points will still formed.

Women often resort to tricks to mask formed white dots on the border of lips tattoo . This is a very efficient and practical way to hide a defect. Also small rash will not be visible if imposed on the lips thick layer of lipstick.

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