Zayed on lips - causes, treatment

Zayed on lips - causes, treatment

This unpleasant phenomenon occurs in both adults and children. Irritations and cracks in the corners of the mouth brings a lot of inconvenience. Besides that small sores spoil the appearance, they are also very painful. Zayed lips impede talk, do not allow normal lipstick and start to hurt when consuming salty or acidic foods.

Why perleches appear on the lips?

The disease develops gradually, beginning with redness in the corners of the lips. Over time in their place erosion and crack formation. To begin treatment Zayed on the lips, it is necessary to understand the underlying causes leading to the appearance of this disease:

  1. The most common cause Zayed is weakened immunity due to a lack of vitamins. That is why this disease is most often disturbs the spring. By education Zayed causes a deficiency of vitamin B and zinc. In addition, quite often this illness provoke iron deficiency anemia .
  2. There is a phenomenon in the spring also because of increased sensitivity to light and heat. Chapping of the lips, which is exacerbated by their habit of licking, the most characteristic of the autumn period.
  3. Zayed in the corners of the lips appear due to malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract or other organs, which affects the whole body.
  4. Appear sores on the lips can be due to poor personal hygiene. This is attributed to irregular brushing, rare trip to the dentist. Formed cavities or strep infection can lead to binding.
  5. It is necessary to explain why there perleches lips in pregnant women. Yeast fungi that live in a healthy body, do not cause inconvenience. However, pregnant women immunity is weakened, because the fungus Candida provokes the development, manifested in the form of sores in the corners of the lips.
  6. It is also believed that the disease is triggered by bacterial activity, the infection that occurred through kissing or shared dishes.
  7. Occurrence Zayed on the lips is due to this reason, as an allergic reaction to objects that come into contact with the surface of the lips. Toothpaste, lipstick low quality, pens and pencils, all of which can trigger allergies. Very often the reason why there are sores in children, as they like to pull in the mouth foreign objects.

The anoint perleches on the lips?

There are many different tools to help deal with this nuisance. It recommends the use of such methods of the home:

  1. It is advised to lubricate the lips with honey, mixed with pork fat and simply applied to the skin of the ears sulfur.
  2. Effectively coping with the symptoms of the disease thermal water, as well as chapstick, made on its basis.
  3. The juice of fresh leaves of Kalanchoe, diluted juice celandine leaves, buttercup and plantain and garlic, also recommended against the Zayed.
  4. Disinfectant properties has brilliant green solution is mixed with boric alcohol (3%).
  5. Vegetable oils and essential oils are also included in the therapy costs against Zayed. Against ulcers useful to use olive oil, flaxseed oil, adding to them a couple of drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus.
  6. Vitamins A and E are used not only inside, but also externally. they advise
    Zayed on lips - causes, treatment
    added to base oils and lubricating their skin.

The treatment can be carried out against the Zayed ointment on his lips. The most effective are:

  • Levomekol;
  • Vishnevsky ointment;
  • Akvafterm.

If the cause of the disease is the fungus Candida activity, there shall be:

  • antifungals;
  • sulfur-salicylic ointment ;
  • levorinovaya ointment.

Before their application should consult with a physician.

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