Cracked lips - what to do?

Cracked lips - what to do?

What if the cracked lower or upper lip, and most importantly, why is this happening? Regarding the reasons nothing can be said clearly, they can be very different, from a lack of vitamins to the lack of a permanent moisture of the lips. But more often cracked lips of those who frequently smokes, licks his lips and drank a little water. Also, cracks on the lips can arise due to malnutrition, namely the lack of B vitamins in the diet, as well as E and A. In such innocuous causes cracks on the lips can be caused by serious diseases, such as diabetes. Often lips crack under strong dehydration at a high temperature, frequently taking diuretics, vomiting or diarrhea. More cracks appear on the lips when breathing disorders, such as extended runny or stuffy nose.

How to treat cracked lips?

Having defined the possible causes, and you can figure out what to do if lip cracked. If there is suspicion of a lack of vitamins (especially likely at the end of winter), then you need to increase your intake of foods rich in vitamins E, A and Group B. Lack of iron can also cause cracks on the lips, and therefore lean on fruit, vegetables, liver, fish and meat . If you decide to search for vitamin A nibble a carrot, then be aware that this vitamin is absorbed only in the fat solution, and therefore have a carrot or a dip in the cream or to make delicious salads with mayonnaise or vegetable oil. If you are eating salads do not want to (follow the figure and believe every calorie), the vitamins A and E can be poprinimat by buying them at a pharmacy. And of course do not forget to moisturize lips with the help of nourishing cream, chapstick or vaseline.

If cracked lip does not heal, it seems, or vitamins or moistening it is still not enough. To address this lack of grease every day lip oil solutions of vitamins E and A, as well as do warm compresses of cotton wool soaked in heated oil. Also, the lips well lubricated with honey, and apply protective cream or chapstick as often as possible, and at night, so do thick. Another good idea would be to pay more attention to your diet, maybe it's not just the lack of vitamins and minerals, may be you are eating too much oily and spicy food, eat on the go, which causes digestive problems. And this in turn is reflected in the face, in the form of cracked lips and acne.

Cracked lip baby

Well, everything is clear with adults, eat at random, smoke, forget to pay due attention to yourself, and that's reaping the works of their carelessness. Actually, there is, and what to do questions arise, finally, pay attention to yourself and stop to eat on the go. And what if the lip cracked in a child, especially in infants? Here, too, nothing serious, probably, just weather-beaten lips, and they need to be lubricated with petroleum jelly, bepantenom or any other fat cream. Maybe cracked lip in infants due to the fact that it is not enough vitamins mother (if the baby is breastfed). So, first of all pay attention to your diet, you eat properly, and the baby is suffering. And babies who are breastfed often appears as if the corn on the upper lip.

Cracked lips - what to do?
Then he bursts and a feeling that the lip cracked in the middle. Nothing wrong with that, all healed, can only be lubricated with any cream or breast milk.

If a child is already older, and you notice that he is cracked and swollen lip, then perhaps it is caused by excessive activity of your baby. I hit on something here and swollen lip. And maybe, weather-beaten lips, when you walked in the freezing cold. In this case, they are also lubricates cream or hygienic lipstick, just looking to make it child - without unnecessary dyes and perfumes.

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