How to visually enlarge the lips?

How to visually enlarge the lips?

Seductive plump lips - this is something that always pay attention to the men. Such alluring and attractive, promising and desirable for a kiss, beautiful lips can be called one of the most delightful features of a woman's face. However, not every one of us are so fortunate, and indeed nature is not too generous for such gifts. In pursuit of his dream woman lips go to various manipulations, resorting to injections, and use the services of plastic surgeons. Unfortunately, the result is often not met expectations, because the basic rule of any beauty - a natural and "artificial" lips visible to the naked eye. Therefore, if you are seriously interested in the way visually enlarge the lips, we can very well do it with the help of cosmetics.

How to increase lips with makeup?

Of course, every girl's purse to be lipstick that increases lip volume. These lipsticks contain in their composition special particles, which shimmer on your lips and give the effect of fuller lips. The latest hit - lipstick with an extract of red pepper. She lightly tingling lips, which, in turn, causes a rush of blood to him, and you notice that the lips become plumper.

Visually increase the volume of the lips, you can use a few tricks. For example, the circuit should be applied only after you powder lips and goes slightly beyond the border of your mouth. But - only slightly, making sure the movement with a firm hand. How to visually enlarge the volume of the lips using lipstick? First, remember the rule - light fully, dark - slim. This concerns not only clothes, but also the color of lipstick. Ladies, fullness of lips which leaves much to be desired, do not use the burgundy and other dark shades. It is much more productive to choose a light pink, clear, caramel and natural

How to visually enlarge the lips?

In addition, if you use a matte lipstick, do not forget to put in the center of the upper and lower lips drop of clear gloss. This is another secret to help visually enlarge the volume of lips.

To increase lips with makeup, it is necessary that their skin was in perfect shape, because the lipstick perfectly falls only on smooth groomed lips. You can certainly buy a special tool that will help remove dead skin particles from the lips, but there's something more effective - a manual toothbrush. Massage her lips for a minute, and you get a double effect - the skin becomes smooth and mouth increase significantly, because their stimulation promotes circulation.

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