Care Lip

Care Lip

Delicate and sensitive skin on your lips requires special care. Nutritious masks, moisturizing balms and protective equipment needed for the skin of the lips as well as for the facial skin. Increased sensitivity and vulnerability due to the peculiarities of the structure of the skin on the lips. The absence of sebaceous glands deprives the skin of natural protection from the effects of external factors, and the lack of the pigment melanin, making the skin of the lips is particularly vulnerable to the effects of UV rays. But the increased sensitivity is related to the high concentration of nerve endings under the skin of the lips.

How to care for lips?

Caring for the lips must not only compensate for the lack of natural defense mechanisms, but also to ensure good hydration and rich in vitamins. To lips were beautiful, attractive, and most importantly healthy, cosmetologists are advised to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Before going out on the street you must use a moisturizer for the lips with a UV filter.
  2. In the heating season, because of dried air is particularly common oblazit skin on lips and appears dry. It is therefore necessary to use moisturizing balm or hygienic lipstick not only outside, but also on the premises. But the habit of licking his lips you must get rid of, as a wetting method has the opposite effect.
  3. Even under the cosmetics recommended to apply chapstick, to protect the skin on your lips from drying and chapping.
  4. Chapped lips should be treated with drugs that promote skin regeneration and healing of fractures. If you continue to use conventional cosmetics, the skin will recover longer. To treat chapped lips helps infusion of chamomile, almond oil and avocado, honey. Chapped lips and skin around the lips are often subjected to undesirable cleansing scrub, make better use of soft moisturizers, cleansing foam.
  5. If scaly skin on the lips, then in any case it is impossible to remove mechanically exfoliated skin pieces. Permanent injury can lead to penetration of infection and cause skin changes. Peeling of the skin on the lips can be removed with a mild exfoliation, after which it is necessary to apply a moisturizer.
  6. When herpes cosmetics can not be used so as not to spread the infection throughout the skin surface. In such cases, the drugs need to have medicinal properties and disinfecting.
  7. Daily care for the lips, which consists of special exercises and massage will help prevent age-related changes of the skin around the mouth and keep mouth appeal.
  8. Weekly comprehensive care for the skin of the lips is recommended for cleaning and maintaining skin elasticity. 1-1.5 Every week you need to make nutritious and hydrating mask. This can be used as cosmetic preparations and folk remedies.
  9. If the skin on your lips crack and peel off, despite all the measures taken, it is necessary to pay attention to your diet. Problems may occur due to the use of too hot or spicy foods, often suffers from this skin in the corners of the lips. When peeling off the skin of the lips and the skin around the lips, this could be a sign of vitamin deficiency, such as A, B and E. In the menu, you need to add fish dishes, vegetables and herbs.
  10. For lip care beauticians recommend to use only
    Care Lip
    quality branded cosmetics, and home-made cosmetics. The use of products containing harmful ingredients can spoil the delicate skin on the lips, cause irritation and flaking.

If for any reason it is impossible to buy high-quality cosmetics for the care of the lips, it will help people's money. The most useful and nutritious ingredients for masks is cottage cheese, cream, sour cream, egg yolk, honey, wheat germ oil, almonds. Olive and castor oil can be used for the regular moisture.

High-quality care for the skin of the lips will keep their youth and natural beauty for years to come.

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