Wen over his eye - how to get rid?

Wen over his eye - how to get rid?

Women are very meticulous about their appearance, especially the face. Therefore, they are painfully react to any, even minor cosmetic defects, such as small fatty tumor on the eye - to get rid of this neoplasm, fortunately, has long been known for it developed many modern techniques. It is only important not attempt to extrude a lipoma , and seek professional help.

Is it possible to remove the talc over the eye medication?

There are no drugs that can eliminate lipoma does not exist. Therefore, it is not necessary to lubricate describes the formation of iodine, brilliant green, celandine extract and other irritating substances. Such action may result in a worsening of the problem.

To properly remove a fatty tumor white above the eye, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist or beautician. Small lipoma or whitehead is usually squeezed out after the puncture of the skin is very thin needle.

If these tumors are many (multiple placers), it is better to use the method of electrocoagulation. During session talc cauterize electric current through a thin nozzle, whereby only pathological damaged tissue, without affecting the surrounding healthy skin.

In the presence of a large lipoma, more than 0.5 cm, it is necessary to consult a surgeon. The specialist will advise the least traumatic way to remove it, for example, using laser surgery, the introduction of a special body of Wen biodegradable drug or liposuction - extract the contents of the capsule lipoma through a long thin needle.

Effectively treated white wen over the eyes of folk remedies?

Nontraditional methods of removal of lipomas in the present case are not recommended. Due to the fact that tumor

Wen over his eye - how to get rid?
located under the skin of the century or in the eyebrows, any independent attempt to extract it could end in tears: inflammation, suppuration Wen and even abscess. In addition, such manipulation may cause damage to the visual organs and mucous membranes of the eyes.

Therefore doctors strictly prohibit the use of folk remedies to remove a lipoma over the eye. An exception can only be regarded as a prescription, suggesting the addition of cinnamon in the diet. Remove wen is unlikely to help, but the positive impact on skin condition and prevent the new formation.

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