Why there are bags under the eyes?

Why there are bags under the eyes?

Almost every woman concerned about their appearance. And as practice shows, the majority of the fair sex have to wonder why there are bags under the eyes. The reasons for this problem may be of a different character. Fortunately, in most cases, they are harmless.

Why can appear bags under the eyes?

Consider the main reasons for this:

  1. One of the most common reasons - fatigue. Sometimes the latter joined the emotional surge and strong stress .
  2. From the appearance of edema often have people working at a computer. Many believe that the radiation emitted from the screens that negatively affects only the eyeballs, but in fact may suffer and delicate skin around them.
  3. An important reason why there are bags under the eyes in the morning - excessive fluid accumulation. Therefore, beauticians and do not recommend drinking lots of water at night. Water just does not have time to get out of the body and collects in the swelling.
  4. Some ladies swelling occurs as a result of frequent trips to the solarium.
  5. When asked why the age there bags under the eyes, there is a fairly simple answer. All due to the fact that the skin aging and stretched, and under it expands in excess fiber.
  6. It is a normal phenomenon - the swelling under the eyes of pregnant women in the later stages. In the expectant mothers may be delayed salt and water.
  7. If the apparent reason why when you smile there are bags under the eyes, there is likely a problem in the genetic predisposition.
  8. Explains the swelling can and hormonal disruptions .
How to fix the problem?

To bags under the eyes do not bother you in the morning, it is recommended not to wash before going to bed and sleep in a comfortable position - the head was just above the trunk. Benefit and changing diet - it is necessary to add more vitamins and minerals.

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