How to quickly remove bags under the eyes?

How to quickly remove bags under the eyes?

The situation, when he woke up in the morning and looking in the mirror, under the eyes are detected is not aesthetic bags under the eyes, probably familiar to every woman. Lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, junk food, alcohol, excess liquid drunk before going to sleep, poor-quality cosmetics - often these factors are the main culprits of this trouble.

Hide swelling with the help of cosmetics is quite difficult, so many are wondering how you can quickly remove bags under the eyes of the house in the morning when the time is sorely lacking, and give the face a fresh look is essential. After selecting among the many tips and videos on how to remove bags under the eyes quickly household ways, give the most simple and effective.

Quick way to remove bags under the eyes

Lotions of tea

One of the most popular and effective ways to get rid of bags under the eyes involves the use of freshly brewed green or black tea without aromatic additives. For this purpose, suitable for both loose tea and tea bags. All you need to do - is to attach to the eyelids cotton pads soaked in tea leaves or tea bags and pressed to lie at least 5-10 minutes. Swelling will decrease due to the caffeine and tannins contained in tea.

Cooling spoons

remove bags under the eyes quickly and efficiently as possible by means of ordinary teaspoons, only that they should be refrigerated (eg, by immersion in cold water). The cold metal will contribute to narrowing of the blood vessels, and thereby reduce puffiness. It is advisable to use four spoon - until the two of them will be applied to the eyelids, the other two will be cool. Change the spoon should be as soon as they heat up, and the whole process needs to spend about 5-7 minutes.

Cooling with ice

It is recommended to use pre-prepared To remove bruises and bags under the eyes quickly with ice cubes , which can be obtained from water (mineral, ordinary), but better from herbal infusions (mint, chamomile, Shalfeeva, tea or others.). To do this, simply wipe the ice several times the skin around the eyes, keeping the massage lines.

Of protein Mask

Another method of how quickly remove bags under the eyes - use protein mask. Egg whites help to enhance skin tone, eliminate swelling and smoothes fine lines. It is necessary to whip the protein and carefully applied to the lower eyelid with a brush. When the mask dries, it should be washed off with warm water, rinsed with cold water and then the eyes.

Cooling vegetables

Eliminate swelling under the eyes can also be by applying for 10-15 minutes to the chilled slices centuries following vegetables:

  • cucumber;
  • potatoes;
  • pumpkin.

After lying quietly in, should be rinsed with eyelids with cool water during this time.


Another good way to deal with morning eyelid edema - self-massage. To do this easily push the middle and ring fingers to perform a circular motion clockwise around

How to quickly remove bags under the eyes?
Eye grabbing eyebrow area and the upper part of the cheekbones. This should keep your eyes closed and try not to stretch the skin. Suffice it to repeat a dozen times.

It should be emphasized that all of the ways to eliminate bags under the eyes are able to help deal with the problem of women who have this defect is not related to obesity , serious illness, or a genetic predisposition. Otherwise, perhaps the only effective method is surgery - blepharoplasty providing for the removal of excess fatty tissue and strengthen the muscle tissue of the lower eyelids.

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