Should I build up the lashes?

Should I build up the lashes?

With all the visual appeal of this procedure, opinions about her there are various. Therefore, try to figure out whether to build lashes, what pros and cons of this procedure and can it hurt?

Is it dangerous to build lashes?

In general, this cosmetic procedure is safe, but there are some cases where it is better to refrain from, so as not to cause harm to health:

  1. The tendency to allergies , especially if there was a reaction to cosmetics. Chances are that the adhesive for eyelashes cause irritation.
  2. Eye diseases. When conjunctivitis, addiction to various inflammations procedure is strictly contraindicated.

Other contraindications explicit, but in those who wear contact lenses, due to mechanical damage of false eyelashes hold much less time.

Some features of eyelash extensions

Should I build up the lashes every woman decides herself. Here we try to answer the questions that often arise in connection with such procedures.

Whether to build lashes Harmful?

In general, with proper care and care taken, the procedure is relatively harmless, but after the removal of artificial eyelashes own may be weakened and more brittle. Do not make a capacity if eyelashes too thin and brittle, as they can not withstand the weight of extension and hairs fall out as a result completely.

Is it possible to build permanent eyelashes?

It is undesirable, since such long eyelashes wearing nevertheless weakens the hair follicles, resulting in their own eyelashes can not look in the best way.

Whether to increase eyelashes hurt?

This cosmetic procedure is that to your own lashes, singly or in bundles secured with the help of

Should I build up the lashes?
special composition artificial. Unpleasant sensations are possible only in the case when the build-up holds a layman, and the glue gets on the mucous membrane. The rest of the procedure is absolutely painless. Although it takes a long time.

What kept the extended eyelashes?

On average, these lashes retain the form for about three weeks, and then you want to do, or correction, or remove them. In some cases (due to mechanical impact or use fatty cosmetics) wearing period may be reduced.

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