How to quickly remove the black eye?

How to quickly remove the black eye?

Bruise - a common phenomenon. To earn his living conditions in a snap, even special physical effort does not have to apply for it. People with sensitive skin to think about how to quickly remove the black eye, it is necessary more often. The thing is they are too delicate and fragile blood vessels, which may crack and bleed even start due to the slightest touch.

How fast can prevent the emergence of a black eye?

Black eye trouble in the first place so that they do not notice others can not. Camouflage clotted subcutaneous bruise very difficult. And sometimes the only way to hide the bruise, and are by dark glasses.

Of course, to protect the skin around the eyes and not getting hematomas much easier than treating them afterwards. But to insure against various problems, unfortunately, no one can. Therefore, you need to know a few simple rules to combat hematomas. They will not only help get rid of a black eye, but also make it less extensive, painful and noticeable:

  1. Remove the swelling. It occurs immediately after the injury or damage at the site of injury. The bruise is formed only on the skin thereafter. After removing the swelling, you can greatly facilitate their state. The best way to fight a cold swelling. Correct, of course, use ice, but in general, can be useful any more or less cold object. Apply it to the affected area of the skin for about fifteen minutes. During this time, should reduce swelling and stop bleeding subcutaneous. Since high temperatures only dilates blood vessels, quickly cure a black eye can not be a warm compress.
  2. The next task -. Eliminate relieve pain discomfort and help cold, but sometimes it is not enough. It is best to quench the pain of bruises analgesics : No-Spa, Spazmalgon, Paracetamol. You can also use aspirin, but his thinning effect of sometimes serious harm.

How to quickly remove the black eye?

When the first aid rendered, you can begin treatment bruise. The best remedy for bruises under his eyes are considered special gels and ointments:

  1. Troxevasin assigned most often on purpose. This feature helps to eliminate the traces of bruising in the shortest possible time - a couple of days. Moreover, after the course of treatment will strengthen the vascular walls. However, treatment can deliver a lot of inconvenience. The main problem is that the process damaged skin troksevazin should at least every two hours.
  2. Since the option of a quick cure black eye ointment or gel does not fit all, pharmacists special tablets have been developed. Remove hematoma best to help the medicine, which include vitamin E and a special ingredient - rutin.
  3. Well proven homeopathic remedies, as part of which there arnica. They reduce inflammation and restore normal blood flow to the injury site. They can be taken orally or used for external rubbing.
  4. To bruise under the eye passed quickly, it can be used Lioton. This gel also has a strengthening effect on the walls
    How to quickly remove the black eye?
    vessels. Unlike troksevazin, Lioton need to apply up to three times a day.
Folk remedies for bruises under the eyes

The simple, affordable, but effective means - vodka with water. Mix these two ingredients needed in the proportion of one to one, and then frozen. The obtained ice cubes skin around the eyes should be cleaned several times a day. Positive changes are already noticeable after a few treatments.

Quick remedies for bruises under his eyes - cabbage or potatoes. Finely grated vegetables should be applied to the injured site for a few minutes. Repeat procedure should be twice or three times a day.

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