How to treat a stye on the upper eyelid?

How to treat a stye on the upper eyelid?

Many are found to the problem of inflammation of the hair follicle eyelashes or, more simply, barley. The illness begins to develop due to the fact that fat seals the one or more bulbs. There are two variants of the disease: internal and external. To deal with them can be different methods. What is the treatment of barley on the upper eyelid is right for you, determined after testing pair. Select the traditionally could be between conservative techniques and recipes of traditional medicine.

Barley on the upper eyelid - Treatment Options

If we talk about the normal healing process, it should not take more than eight days. But when the inflammation in the expected life does not go as well or even begins to increase, it is necessary to urgently consult an eye specialist. It is this specialist will tell you how to treat stye on the upper eyelid eyes will appoint all the necessary procedures, prescribe appropriate medications and will operate their swollen area, if required.

Barley inside of the upper eyelid - drug treatment

Pharmacotherapy, as with other inflammatory processes in most cases includes antibiotics. They are selected depending on the stage of inflammation and possible intolerance of certain components of preparations. Naturally, self-appoint themselves such treatment is impossible, and doctors, as practice shows, it is accessed only in the most difficult cases.

Barley on the upper eyelid - treatment of folk remedies

On inflammation of the eyelid, as well as many other diseases, people learned a long time ago. Naturally there with such an insignificant problem many people do not dare to go to the doctors, trying to recover on its own. As a result, there was a mass of folk remedies, contending with barley as good drugs from the pharmacy:

  1. As soon as the first suspected inflammation, immediately wash thoroughly with clean eyes with cool water.
    How to treat a stye on the upper eyelid?
    The procedure is repeated in the afternoon and evening, until the inflammation subsides.
  2. Well-proven blend of aloe juice with water, connected to the ratio of one to ten. From the resulting liquid make excellent gadgets, do you want up to three times a day.
  3. If desired, the solution for lotions can be prepared from dried marigold .
  4. If a stye on the upper eyelid is already opened, the treatment should be supplemented with a dry warming. The easiest method - applied to the eye of warm boiled egg.

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