Eye Tattoo - consequences

Eye Tattoo - consequences

The eyes and the eyelids - a vulnerable and sensitive part of the body, so many women have raised concerns the possible consequences tattoo eye scares even the thought of approaching them needle device for permanent make-up. Because age tattooing causes a lot of questions and doubts, we will try to answer at least the most common.

Does the tattoo contraindications eyes?

To begin with touch on the issue of medical contraindications to the procedure itself tattoo the eyes, which can be divided into absolute and relative (or temporary).

Absolute contraindications:

  • oncological diseases;
  • HIV and other immune disorders;
  • vascular fragility, poor blood clotting;
  • epilepsy, severe mental illness;
  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in the form;
  • birthmarks, papillomas, keloid scars at the site of the planned tattoo.

Relative contraindications to tattooing the eyes of a temporary nature and require great care and medication in order to avoid adverse reactions. A decision on the possibility of the procedure adopted after consultation with the doctor who will weigh all the "pros" and "cons" tattoo eyes So, relative contraindications.:

  • pregnancy (especially the first trimester), lactation;
  • menstruation ('ll just have to wait for mid-cycle);
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases (also waiting remission);
  • hypertension (pressure control is required during the tattooing);
  • allergy (it is necessary to conduct preliminary allergoproby anesthetic and pigments).

Separately want to say about conjunctivitis. For those who suffer from inflammation of the conjunctiva and simply eye sensitivity, eye tattoo can be a real salvation, to get rid of the need for daily make-up. Before the procedure, the wizard will check the skin for allergic reactions. If the cause of conjunctivitis is an infection previously have to undergo a course of treatment.

At the time of visiting the salon you need to be healthy and feel good about themselves, and then the consequences will be tatazha eyes you are not afraid.

How is a tattoo eye?

Before the procedure, the master must perform a surface anesthesia drugs, and in case of pain in the process repeat applications. So do not worry, tattoo eye - it does not hurt. Incidentally, the injection anesthesia is not recommended: it though and gives a powerful Analgesic effect, but increases the swelling of the skin after tattooing eyes.

During operation, the lid is fixed in a stationary state, so you do not accidentally blinked, and needle puncture depth is minimum (level papillary dermis). This technique does not allow the slightest injury, but can sometimes be affected by the superficial capillaries that does not cause any serious consequences tattoo eye.

Harmful if eye tattoo? No, if done correctly and hygiene it is completely safe.

Tattoo Eye - care and correction

Upon completion of the master will cause forever healing agent, and then instruct in detail how to care for the skin in the eye during the healing period. For quick removal of edema after tattoo eye can be used dry cool compresses, rinsing the infusion of green tea.

Effect tearful eyes disappears after a few hours, and the next day on-site tattoo may appear brown. Try not to hurt them and do watch out the eyelid skin for 7-10 days: it is not steamed, do not rub, avoid the sun, avoid contact with cosmetics and soap. Be sure to use eye ointment with bactericidal and regenerative properties (eg, tetracycline) 2-3 times a day. In the future, special care eyes with permanent makeup is not required.

In case of irritation to inform the master, but even if everything is fine, do not lose contact with him and show a month - you may need a small tattoo eye correction. In the future, the correction will need to be carried out once every few years, to refresh color.

Eye Tattoo - consequences

Unsuccessful tattoo Eye

We do not want to scare you, but sometimes the results may be disappointing. If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises - taken seriously to the choice of the master and to the smallest nuances stipulate the expected effect. It happens that the skin responds to a peculiar shade pigments, and not exactly the one that we would like, but it is easy to fix. NOT, sites are also filled with the first correction.

Where more serious is the situation when you do not like the shape or line formed "Swim". With significant shortcomings only way tattoo removal becomes an eye, partial or complete. Eyelid only applies laser removal and, depending on the pigment used and the depth of the tattoo require from one to several treatments with an interval of a month.

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