Castor oil for eyelashes

Castor oil for eyelashes

Long and lush eyelashes - the envy of all women. Thick and black, they always make the girls look bright and expressive, attracting attention. When you look at a man with a long and lush eyelashes by nature, you feel a little envy. After all, he even comes to mind is how much effort you need to make to at least one step closer to this result. But there is no reason for disappointment, for the growth of eyelashes is quite possible to use castor oil.

Eyelash Treatment of castor oil

Is it helps eyelashes castor oil or is it just self-hypnosis? Many women claim that it helps not only to strengthen their growth, but also makes a number of ciliary noticeably thicker. Castor oil is actively used for the care of hair and skin, apply to the skin around the eyes. It also helps to prevent loss of eyelashes. Especially effective is the use of castor oil for eyelashes after artificial eyelash extension or mechanical injury.

Now castor oil can be bought in pharmacies or stores facials. They are sold in various jars and bottles. There is even a special mixture of castor oil with added vitamins for hair growth.

The utility for the hair and skin castor oil can compete with the olive. In a domestic environment for the growth of eyelashes is better to use natural castor oil, carefully cold-pressed. Buy it will not be difficult, and the cost is much lower than the cost of the special salon procedures.

How to Use Castor Oil for eyelashes?

How to spread the eyelashes castor oil to achieve the desired effect? Consider some recipes use oil for eyelashes:

  • Mix 5 g of castor oil and 8 g of petroleum jelly. In this compound must be added the Peruvian balsam. Thoroughly mix all. Use This product must be twice a day. To do this, simply lubricate cilia. Do not be afraid to smear eyelashes with castor oil as the mixture is harmless to the eye.
  • You can smear eyelashes and oil in its pure form. In the evening, rinse the eyes with makeup. Apply castor oil should be in the middle of the lashes and the tip. This can be done with a brush and a cotton pad. The course of treatment - one month. Then give your lashes a break.
  • You can rub the oil into the skin on the line of growth. This procedure is quite prodelyvat three times a week. Within a week or two you will be able to enjoy the first results.
  • Try to make a special massage for the growth of eyelashes with castor oil. To do this, take the brush from the old carcasses and wash it thoroughly. Now soak the brush in oil and start to massage the skin on the lash line. Wet the brush should be as follows: Apply a drop of oil on your finger and swipe his brush.
  • For very neglected event, when the lashes fall out very strongly, apply castor oil should be at least three times a week. After application do not wash off the oil for at least one hour. You can oil the eyelashes and leave overnight.
  • Castor oil for eyelashes
  • Make a mask for the growth of eyelashes. Throw in a few castor oils: wheat germ, flaxseed, almond. The mixture of oil, apply to the lashes and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • Try another means to accelerate growth - with the use of aloe juice. Prepare a mixture of oil and aloe, and the oil content - 70%, and the juice - 30%. This means you need to lubricate the lashes and hold for 10 minutes. Aloe juice is quite possible to replace the juice of a peach.

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