Nail teeth

Nail teeth

Daily consumption of black tea, coffee, drugs, certain foods, smoking leads to the natural tooth color change. If the problem changes the color of the teeth has become significant, we recommend to ask for help to a specialist dentist. Professionals use two basic methods that can make teeth white:

  1. Complex procedures cleanse the teeth of plaque , ingrained in the enamel, and is the cause of a change in its color.
  2. The coating of the teeth with a special varnish.

A more detailed look at a second way to make your teeth white.

How is the procedure for applying varnish to the teeth?

Teeth Whitening nail can be used to change the color of enamel in patients of any age. In addition aesthetic orientation procedure helps solve the problem of increased permeability of dental enamel, as many types of liquid porcelain tooth in its composition contain fluoride - a natural substance that strengthens dental hard tissue.

Before the procedure, the doctor removes tartar and dries the teeth by saliva. The dentist applies a protective varnish to the teeth on a hard surface using a special brush or roller. Specialist performs this type of work very carefully so as not to hit nail on the mucous membranes of the mouth, palate, gums or tongue. After the procedure, the patient has to sit for a while, without closing the mouth, the composition on the teeth properly dried up. To achieve a significant result, the procedure is repeated several times at intervals of 2-3 days.

Nail teeth

Attention! During the days after the application of the varnish is not recommended to eat solid food and brush your teeth.

Varnishing teeth at home

The color of the teeth with a special varnish can be carried out independently. For this Dental Paint or other white varnish to the teeth gently applied with a roller or brush. Tools for home use contain only safe mineral components and is therefore not harmful to the oral mucosa. As a rule, such a colorant is kept on the teeth during the day.

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