What to do in case of toothache?

What to do in case of toothache?

Toothache few people in my life was over. Painful acute or exhausting a dull ache in the gums man knocks out of the rut. Of course, the visit to the dentist as soon as possible - the best way out, but what to do in case of acute dental pain caused, for example, at night or while you eat on the train? We offer the most effective ways of getting rid of the pain.

What to do when severe toothache?

If the tooth is severely ill, the first thing you need to clean the oral cavity, remove the remnants of food stuck in the teeth. Then rinse your mouth should be one of the compounds:

  1. Soda solution. A teaspoon of baking soda diluted in half a glass of warm water.
  2. Saline. 3 tablespoons of salt (preferably sea) are dissolved in a glass of water.
  3. A decoction of oak bark. 2 tablespoons raw pour a glass of boiling water and allow to infuse.
  4. Tincture of propolis on alcohol. 2 teaspoons of tincture is added to a glass of warm water.
  5. Clove oil.

Rinse your mouth periodically, with the increasing pain.

What to do in case of acute toothache?

Acute pain in the tooth is very difficult to maintain. It feels as if a thin drill pierces the gums, reaching the brain.

The most tried and tested way to a sudden acute pain - vodka. This does not mean that the drink should be drunk for pain relief. Suffice it, took a sip, hold the vodka a few minutes in the mouth. Thus, it is possible to disinfect a sore spot and have local anesthesia.

Effective are other methods of dealing with acute pain:

  1. Crushed garlic. Gruel obtained from one cloves, put on the sore gums, fixed on top of a piece of gauze and clamped his teeth. Usually, the intense pain subsides after 10 minutes.
  2. Lard. A small slice of bacon is clamped between the teeth and cheek.

What if the aching tooth nerve?

If the affected tooth nerve , it means that the inflammation has spread to the pulp. Tooth with pain unbearable. Postpone visit to the doctor does not make sense, but you can stand a few hours, if you take one of the painkillers, for example, or Ketarol Ketanov. Also in the dental hole you can put a piece of the tablet. For this purpose, suitable:

  • baralgin;
  • anestezin;
  • tempalgin;
  • Analgin.

What to do in case of toothache, which arose under the crown?

Pain in the tooth by the crown - a serious symptom, which also requires immediate referral to a specialist. To alleviate the condition before visiting the doctor, you can take a non-steroidal drug. In the presence of flux it is also desirable to drink any antibiotic. Yet in the next hours is necessary to get to the dentist, which is based on the X-ray of the tooth prescribe treatment. Otherwise, it may develop osteomyelitis - a serious disease affecting bone.

What can I do for toothache in children?

Very strong tooth pain in a child - an unpleasant surprise, but the question of what to do in this case, for parents is very significant. Kids do not tolerate pain, and complications they occur more frequently. Help your child will be as follows:

What to do in case of toothache?
he is given a mouth rinse disinfectant without pungent smell and taste expressed, for example, infusion of chamomile, sage. You can give the drink a drug intended for children:

  • Paracetamol;
  • ibuprofen;
  • Panadol;
  • Nurofen.

Pretty effective analgesic technique is considered to massage active points. The top of the ear lobe from the patient's tooth is massaged with fingertips for 5 minutes.

Caution: Do not warming the patient's tooth, since the inflammatory process at higher temperatures compounded. This leads not only to increased pain, but also a hazard to the spread of inflammation to the surrounding tissue.

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