Sore jaw ear

Sore jaw ear

Complaints of pain in the jaw to the ear dentists know very well. They appear suddenly and is usually accompanied by a loud crisp sound. Their causes are different. And some of them can be a real threat to health.

Why can hurt the ear jaw when chewing?

Pain in the jaw - is only a symptom, not an independent disease. And it can cause the following factors:

  1. The most basic cause of the unpleasant sensations - injury. Because of a nasty blow to the head often violated the integrity of the facial bones. In addition to pain, swelling occurs with observed hemorrhage.
  2. No wonder why they have a sore jaw to the ear, people wearing braces or dentures. And if in the first case, the pain - a sign of recovery in the second - with the appearance of it as quickly as possible, it is desirable to see a specialist.
  3. Eruption of wisdom teeth are almost always accompanied by some problems. Sometimes it is a pain in the jaw.
  4. A serious reason - mandibular osteomyelitis . Illness to extend to all elements of the bone tissue. It appears as a result of the activity of pathogenic microorganisms, infiltrated the root canals.
  5. Rooting jawbone near the ear can also because of neuralgia. Striking it glossopharyngeal, trigeminal or laryngeal nerves.
  6. Odontogenic pain in the ear is often a consequence of dental diseases such as caries or pulpitis. At night, the discomfort is usually worse.
  7. Burning in the jaw - a sign of arteritis.
  8. Pain in the jaw when chewing the ear and the opening of the mouth may indicate a dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. The problem is necessarily accompanied by loud clicks with every movement of the jaw.
  9. One of the most terrible reasons - tumors, benign and malignant. Characteristic
    Sore jaw ear
    oncology symptom - the appearance of puffiness in the cheeks.
  10. Rooting jaw and can by reason of education it boils, fistulas, abscesses and abscesses.

What if the jaw hurts the ear?

Under no circumstances should not ignore the discomfort! If the cause is traumatic in nature, you may need to reposition the jaw, and in severe cases - even operation.

Facilitate the condition and relieve pain temporarily help infusion of mother-and-stepmother. And, of course, at the time of treatment have to give up a solid and hard food.

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