Chipped tooth piece

Chipped tooth piece

Damage to the teeth, usually occurs very suddenly, what causes a lot of inconveniences. Especially dangerous and unpleasant situation becomes when you can not immediately seek help from a dentist. If you split a piece of a tooth, it is important to independently take some preventive measures that will help prevent further damage to the enamel and the development of serious diseases of the oral cavity.

Why break off teeth?

The reasons that lead to the problem, quite a lot:

  • damage to the tooth during a meal (nuts, berries with seeds, dried fish, candy);
  • mechanical chipping (injury due to strokes);
  • calcium deficiency in the body;
  • the presence of a crack;
  • caries ;
  • lowered immunity;
  • pathology of the internal organs.

Also, there are cases where the described phenomenon occurs because of the irresponsible attitude of man to oral hygiene. For example, if you split a piece of a tooth with a seal - the accident could have been prevented, visiting the dentist for checkups every 6-8 months.

What to do if a tooth broke off a piece?

Necessary action is largely dependent on the variety of cleavage:

  1. Damage to the enamel. This is slightly destruction, which is easy to handle. The only danger may be no treatment that will trigger the gradual destruction of the remaining healthy tissue.
  2. Skol dentita. It does not cause pain, but very noticeable visual defect. Filling in this case does not fit, or the capacity required restoration.
  3. Volume cleavage with exposed nerve endings. If you broke a tooth in the gums and sore, require immediate professional medical intervention.

Finding the matter under consideration, it is required to consult a specialist. In cases where it is impossible for some reason, it is necessary:

  1. Continue to brush your teeth every day, at least 2 times a day.
  2. Frequently rinse your mouth with a little salt water to prevent tooth decay.
  3. Use dental floss.
  4. After the meal, be sure to thoroughly rinse your mouth, make sure that the outside of the damaged tooth had no food.
  5. With a large front tooth cleaved try to find a part of it and save it to a doctor's visit. This will help the doctor to restore the tooth shape and build faster.
  6. If the strongly expressed painful syndrome, especially when raw nerve and damage to the pulp, apply to the problem area of cotton swabs soaked in lidocaine or novocaine.

The real assistance can only dentist. Tactics of treatment also depends on whether the tooth is badly damaged.

With minor chipping and breaking the enamel is quite filling. The same technique is used when the rear broke off a small piece of (indigenous) of the tooth.

Violation dentita integrity involves more complex and delicate work - restoration. This requires careful tooth restoration

Chipped tooth piece
determination of its original size, structure and shape. It is important to choose the material, perfectly matching the natural enamel in shade.

If the dentist has to do with the chips, accompanied by denudation nerve and pulp, under local anesthesia produced complete filling of canals and removal of the beam of nerves. Increase reliability and durability of the restored tooth area can be by setting intracanal pins.

It should be noted that sometimes it is impossible to restore the tooth. In such cases, we recommend installing crowns, veneers or implants.

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