I broke off a piece of a front tooth - what to do?

I broke off a piece of a front tooth - what to do?

Chipping of the tooth - a common problem in dentistry. In this case, when a piece breaks off the front tooth often observed. Typically, such damage does not cause physical discomfort, but does not look aesthetically pleasing and causes psychological discomfort. Moreover, peeling with time may cause serious damage to the development of more and complete destruction of the tooth.

Causes of tooth damage

The front teeth are the most fragile, with the thin layer of enamel, thus most susceptible to mechanical damage. The reason for the cleavage may serve as:

  • damage when taking solid food (seeds, nuts, etc...);
  • mechanical injury;
  • damage to the enamel if consumed frequently contrasting food;
  • lack of calcium in the body;
  • caries ;
  • poorly installed seals.

What if I broke off a piece of a front tooth?

Although chipped tooth and looks messy, the problem is usually solved quite easily.

Consider what to do if broke a front tooth:

  1. Enrol to the dentist. If there are pain, see a doctor as soon as possible is required. If pain is not observed, the visit to the dentist can be a convenient time to push on, but should not be delayed too.
  2. Before the visit to the doctor is necessary to protect a damaged tooth. Try not to bite them, particularly solids.
  3. Avoid excessively hot or cold food, since even with increased sensitivity chipped enamel and can cause discomfort.
  4. Try not to touch the cleaved surface of the tongue (you can scratch the language and get irritated).
  5. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and rinse your mouth with salt water after every meal.
Types of teeth cleavage

Directly treatment depends on how the tooth is damaged:

  1. Stone chip. The least significant damage, in which a small piece breaks off or the front of the tooth, or
    I broke off a piece of a front tooth - what to do?
    more extensive but thin, flat layer. Treatment is limited to tooth restoration using photopolymer materials.
  2. Skol dentin (the hard layer located under the enamel). The most common causes of pain. Treatment also is sealing and capacity of the tooth.
  3. Deeper chipped bare nerve endings, there is severe pain. In this case, you want to nerve removal and filling of channels. Then the tooth is often required to lay a crown. In some cases, it may require the removal of a tooth .

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