There is a growing wisdom tooth and gum pain

There is a growing wisdom tooth and gum pain

Pain that occurs during the growth of wisdom teeth, can hardly be compared to anything. After experiencing these feelings once they are impossible to forget. When growing wisdom tooth and gums hurt, and neck, and cheeks, and the head and ears. And what is most unpleasant, all these phenomena are considered absolutely normal.

Why hurt the gum where the wisdom tooth?

Painful sensations are explained very simply. First, the wisdom tooth emerges to the surface already in adulthood, when the jaw bone is fully formed. Second, in its place was never milk tooth. Therefore, the wisdom tooth can be considered a kind of pioneer, whose path is always difficult.

Teething - quite a protracted process. Some people may grow eight years. Pain in the gums and inflammation at the same time disappear, then reappear.

Rooting gums when climbing a wisdom tooth, maybe because of such problems:

  1. Perikoronarit - a phenomenon quite common. Approaching the surface of the gums, the wisdom tooth is covered with a so-called hood - mucosal tissue. When the last inflamed diagnosed perikoronarit. Often, inflammation is accompanied by an accumulation of pus.
  2. Periodontitis develops due to the fact that the wisdom tooth can grow crookedly, making it difficult to clean it.
  3. Severe pain and inflammation of the gums tooth growth when accompanied by wisdom or retinirovanii neprorezyvanii. Thus eight or no exits the jawbone or remains deep in the gums.
  4. Distopirovaniem called the wrong location wisdom tooth. It can put pressure on adjacent teeth, gums or buccal mucosa, become a cause of ulcers, microtrauma.
  5. Inflammation, redness and tenderness of the gums are caused by hitting the channel on which the wisdom tooth surface sneaks infection.
  6. Even barely show of the tooth gums may form cavities . And this problem is known, can not pass unnoticed.

Pain in the gums during teething wisdom teeth is often accompanied by bad breath, fever, general weakness. Some people to return to a normal life even require hospitalization. Fortunately, such cases - a rarity.

What if strongly hurts the gums near the wisdom teeth?

First and foremost - swollen gums during teething wisdom teeth in any case can not be warm. Warm inflammation, you can only hurt yourself. Even if the pain and held for some time, soon she will be back with new attendant problems.

The best and safest means be considered as:

  1. The pain quickly save antiseptics. Simple and affordable medication - an easy solution for rinsing with baking soda and salt.
  2. Many experts recommend to escape adhesive gels to gums.
  3. At the time of numb the gums to help a cold compress on the cheek.
  4. Pleasant taste and effective remedy - decoction of calendula, chamomile and sage.
  5. Excellent analgesic rinse obtained from the infusion of oak bark.

Patients with acute pain can take pain. Excellent help:

There is a growing wisdom tooth and gum pain

  • Nimesulide ;
  • Ketanov;
  • have;
  • Solpadein.

If even after applying all the above means the gum where the wisdom tooth is growing, is still ill, you should consult with your dentist. It is possible that the reason perikoronarite pain, which can be overcome only by surgery. Part of the skin that covers the tooth is cut, then the inflammation decreases rapidly, and the pain subsides. In the most severe cases, wisdom tooth is removed.

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