Tooth pulled - a sore gums, what to do?

Tooth pulled - a sore gums, what to do?

What if you pulled a tooth and sore gums? Usually, we prefer to take a pain reliever and forget about the problem. But sometimes the removed tooth becomes inflamed, and one analgesic not get off. There is a way - to start antimicrobial therapy.

How much will it hurt the gums when a tooth pulled?

To begin with, that the consequences of an operation to remove a tooth is directly dependent on the complexity of surgical procedures. After normal operation the gum heals 3-5 days, so you will experience pain. The faster will form a blood clot, the better will be the healing. Another thing, if to pull out a tooth, required additional manipulation. Here are the most common complications of tooth extraction procedure, under which the recovery is delayed:

  • tooth was removed piece by piece;
  • tooth crumbled during removal;
  • tooth was severely damaged and has been difficult to grasp;
  • It took one or more sections of the gums;
  • number of roots was larger;
  • one or more of the roots have grown into the jaw;
  • tooth grew at an angle to the jaw;
  • pocket formed from the jaw of the tooth;
  • It was simultaneously removed the cyst .

All these causes, and each of them can prolong the healing process for 5-7 days. Also, if a blood clot is not formed, or was accidentally deleted, the pain can be confusing for up to 10 days. It is - in the normal range. So if you pulled a tooth and gum pain, worry about in the first 5 days is not necessary. Often the removal of eight molar tooth associated with certain difficulties. Heals nest of wisdom teeth is also longer than any other. If you pulled out a wisdom tooth and gum pain, what to do, depends on additional factors. Here are the symptoms that would be a reason to seek help from the doctor:

  • swelling does not subside in 3-5 days, gradually increasing;
  • profuse bleeding for more than 8 hours;
  • the absence of a blood clot;
  • sharp, jerking pain, increasing on the rise;
  • swollen lymph nodes;
  • increase or decrease in temperature;
  • suppuration;
  • bad breath .

What can be done when a tooth pulled out a radical and long sore gums?

If these signs are not present, you can alleviate the condition on their own. If you pulled out a wisdom tooth, and then it hurts the gums, on the first day, you can take 1-2 tablets Ketanova. In no case can not rinse your mouth, so you wash away the protective blood lump formed in the hole of the tooth, bleeding will intensify and healing will take longer. If gum pain is very strong, and you are afraid that will fester, hold in the mouth a small amount of broth chamomile or Chlorhexidine.

If after a pulled tooth, the gums sore and swollen cheek, you should take a tablet of paracetamol, and use one of the methods of disinfection. You can dial in your mouth mute aqueous salt solution, heated to body temperature, or dilute tincture of marigold in the proportions of 30 drops of water on the floor of the glass. The main thing - the liquid temperature should not be high, it will accelerate the process of suppuration. When a tooth pulled and sore gums better than to rinse - to use an antiseptic spray. Pharmacies now

Tooth pulled - a sore gums, what to do?
day presents a lot of options in extreme cases even fit Joks spray. Most often swollen cheek for the following reasons:

  • the doctor left a small piece of tooth, fleece, or other object in the wound;
  • into the slot from a tooth infection got;
  • the gum was cut too much;
  • one of the roots has not been removed;
  • you have come to the procedure with a cold or other illness;
  • you have low immunity.

If cheek swelling subsides 3 days, you need a return visit to the dentist.

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