gingival retraction

gingival retraction

In the treatment of teeth or dentures is sometimes necessary in postponing the gums. Otherwise, this procedure is called a retraction of the gums. It allows you to more accurately remove the mold to produce the most accurate prostheses. In addition, the manipulation is required for difficult access to the damaged tooth in the treatment of dental caries .

Methods retraction

Exposure of the neck of the tooth can be done in different ways:

  1. Chemical under which tissue occurs pulling by introducing a special substance.
  2. Mechanical providing gingival retraction thread caps or rings.
  3. Surgical at which there is excess tissue cut with a scalpel.

Currently, the most common combination method that combines the use of yarn soaked in certain funds, which have a disinfecting action and prevent capillary bleeding.

Retragel gel for gingival retraction

The most common drug used in the retraction is Retragel. It has a polymeric nature and therefore not spread, and captures the tissue in the desired position, it does not dry out, which facilitates the work of the dentist. The most common gel for gingival retraction used in preparation for fixation of prostheses to stop bleeding and disinfection.

Solution for gingival retraction

Also, the liquid for gingival retraction can be used. It also has a powerful antiseptic, but not very convenient to use as spreads. The solutions usually used to impregnate fibers and gums treatment for bleeding.

If possible, limit the time of contact with the mucous membranes of compositions. After the procedure, the oral cavity is washed and checked by the absence of pieces of thread. In order to avoid traumatizing the tools tend not used.

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