Periostitis mandible

Periostitis mandible

Periostitis jaw, or as it is called, flux - is infectious and inflammatory process in the periosteum, accompanied by sharp pain and swelling of the gums strong. The disease is often contagious, at least - traumatic nature and usually occurs as a complication of delayed treatment of other dental diseases.

Types jaw periostitis

Periostitis shared by several parameters:

  1. In course of the disease - acute and chronic. Acute periostitis in turn are divided into purulent and serous.
  2. On participation of microorganisms in the development of inflammation - septic and aseptic.
  3. In terms of distribution - in the localized (within a single tooth) and diffuse (capture the entire jaw).

In most cases, the disease develops as a result of not timely cured pulpitis or periodontitis, as well as the result of infection with the injury during tooth extraction. In some cases, abscess may develop as a consequence of a fracture of the jaw or soft tissue injury.

Acute suppurative periostitis of the mandible

Acute purulent form of the disease is the most common. It is accompanied by general malaise, often fever, inflammation occurs in the place of painful swelling, often - swelling across the cheeks, on the gums formed abscesses, after opening forming fistulous passages. On the lower jaw abscess generally develops in the area of the first molars and molars. Less frequently - on the second large and small indigenous. In the area of the front teeth disease occurs infrequently.

Treatment of periodontitis jaw

In the treatment of this disease combined surgical and conservative methods. Surgery may be at the opening of the abscess and pus evacuation, opening the tooth cavity with the removal of the nerve, medical and mechanical canal treatment or tooth extraction, followed by wound treatment.

When serous form of the disease can usually be restricted to the treatment of pulpitis and conservative measures of exposure. When purulent form of surgery and autopsy abscess required.

Periostitis mandible

From medicines at a purulent periostitis of the jaw usually prescribe antibiotics and rinsing with antiseptic solutions:

  • Chlorhexidine;
  • Furatsilin.

Once the inflammation subsides (3-4 days) may conduct additional physical therapy:

  • laser;
  • UHF;
  • Lydasum electrophoresis .

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