Herpetic stomatitis

Herpetic stomatitis

Inflammation of the oral mucosa caused by the herpes virus, - herpes simplex stomatitis may occur at any age. But herpetic stomatitis occurs in adults and is more painful for a long time due to the fact that with age in the mouth occur negative changes - formed caries, gingival pockets change, injured mucosa.

Causes of herpetic stomatitis

The first acute herpetic stomatitis is the result of infection of a person by direct contact with the patient or by airborne droplets. An aggravating factor is the weakening of the immune system. The incubation period ranges from a few days to 3 weeks. Besides oral virus infects the skin, genitals and mucous eye.

Herpes remains in the body for life and periodically under the influence of adverse factors, the number of viruses increased significantly. Chronic herpetic stomatitis may occur once every few years in the mild form, and up to 2-4 times a year with moderate and severe forms of the disease.

Symptoms of herpetic stomatitis

At the beginning of the disease may slightly increase body temperature. The consequence on the inner surfaces of the cheeks, gums, palate and lips appear swelling, redness and pimples. At the same time felt an unpleasant itching, burning and even pain. After a day on the affected areas formed bubbles with liquid contents, which after 3 - 5 days ripen, burst and eventually ulcerate.

In moderate and severe forms of stomatitis may be a high temperature (39 degrees), and other signs of acute infectious diseases, as well as abundant visible blisters. Due to the large necrotic areas of the epidermis marked putrid breath.

Treatment of herpetic stomatitis

The effectiveness of the treatment of acute herpetic stomatitis will be higher if the therapy is started to carry out the manifestation of the first signs of the disease. There are general and local drug therapy.

For topical treatment used:

  • antiseptics (weak solution of potassium permanganate or furatsilina);
  • painkillers in the form of lotions (lidocaine piromekain etc.);
  • antivirals as ointments;
  • epithelizing products (oil solution of vitamin A, rosehip oil , peach or sea buckthorn);
  • in severe forms - enzymatic preparations for cleaning of necrotic tissue.

For the treatment of infected cells in the skin using aniline dyes (fukortsin, brilliant green).

In the treatment of herpetic stomatitis in adults for indoor reception are assigned:

  • in the early days of the disease - antiviral drugs (acyclovir, Viroleks, bonafton, Tebrofen et al.);
  • antihistamines (Suprastin, Zodak, Tavegil , etc.);
  • medications to correct immunity (Imudon, Interferon, sodium nucleinate).

In order to activate the body's defenses are taken vitamin agents, primarily ascorbic acid.

Herpetic stomatitis

In many ways, accelerate the healing process and restore the integrity of mucosa contribute to excessive drinking and mashed foods, cooked or cooked by steam method.

Prophylaxis of herpetic stomatitis

To avoid repetition of manifestations of chronic herpetic stomatitis help preventive measures, which include:

  • quality dental health;
  • preventing overheating or overcooling;
  • treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Caring attitude towards their health - the main condition for the protection of herpetic stomatitis.

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