Aching tooth under seal

Aching tooth under seal

Sometimes it happens that after a visit to the dentist and conduct all procedures still sore tooth under seal. With what it is connected, and whether the result of poor-quality professional work or feature of an organism?

Why toothache under seal?

So, if you put a seal, and a tooth hurts, you can suggest a few basic causes that can trigger it:

  • cleaning of poor quality;
  • caries moved into the deeper layers;
  • the emergence of periodontitis;
  • inflammatory process, such as a cyst;
  • an allergic reaction to the material;
  • substandard fillings;
  • failure to comply with hygiene rules.

Poor cleaning of tooth decay happens due to carelessness dentist who is not of sufficient quality and carefully crafted the affected area. After filling even the smallest particles decay or bacteria may trigger the process of further tooth decay.

Sometimes caries may affect the deeper layers and penetrate the dentin. In the process of filling a tooth pain can be felt especially not because of anesthesia, but after the pain his actions may appear. If they do not disappear in a few days, then you should always consult a doctor.

It often happens that if you have a toothache under seal, it is possible that tooth decay has penetrated into deeper layers and reached the area of periodontal. In this case, should be high-quality treatment immediately. There are situations where the tooth is completely treated and removed all the nerves. This procedure also does not say that this tooth will not bother you. He becomes lifeless and may eventually change its color. Sometimes, even a dead tooth ache under seal. It can also be associated with periodontal inflammation and deep penetration of caries.

Running inflammatory processes may go into a dangerous form, e.g., a cyst, which can appear almost unnoticed for a long time. But the most unpleasant is when the development of complications of bone tissue is destroyed in the future can not be restored.

Of course, it happens that the person has an allergic reaction to the components and composition of the fillings. If so, the physician should choose the other part, otherwise the pain will never and can trigger other health problems.

So if you have a sore tooth with a seal, do not expect a miracle, but immediately consult a specialist. In this case, time is not on you.

Features temporary fillings

During the treatment of caries, pulpitis or inflamed tooth channels often put temporary fillings. The composition of her gentle enough, and after a while it can fall independently. Its task is to isolate the treated tooth cavity. But in any case, it does not replace the full seal, which is placed after the end of treatment. Most often it is not the long term from a few days up to one month.

At the same time, under the temporary filling it can hurt a tooth, but this is quite normal, as is the process of treatment. Most often unpleasant sensations are short-lived and quickly subsides.

Aching tooth under seal
But if you put a temporary filling , and tooth aches very much and constantly, the cause may be:

  • ignoring the doctor's advice about the care of a sick tooth;
  • an allergic reaction to ingredients or drugs for the treatment;
  • Improper application of the sealing mixture.

Of course, in this case, you can use folk remedies to reduce pain. For example, a useful oral rinse using medicinal infusions. But, in fact, a self can lead to more disastrous consequences, so it is best to re-visit your doctor, who may change the composition of the drugs, or put a new temporary filling.

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