Candidiasis of the oral cavity

Candidiasis of the oral cavity

Candidiasis (thrush) - one of the most common women's diseases. Ask what it is doing in the mouth? It turns out that oral candidiasis - a phenomenon quite common. Mainly from yeast in the mouth affects kids, but adults are not immune from this disease.

Causes and symptoms of oral candidiasis

Candidiasis cause Candida fungi that live in the body of each person. In the normal amount of mushrooms person does not feel any discomfort. Problems arise only when the fungus starts to actively proliferate.

Contribute to the development and reproduction of the fungus candidiasis of the oral cavity can be such factors:

  1. Candidiasis - a disease of people with lowered immunity. Weak immune system simply can not inhibit fungal growth.
  2. Taking antibiotics - another common cause of thrush. Drugs alter the microflora and fungi resistant successfully used the situation.
  3. Candidiasis of the mouth can occur when dysbacteriosis or a lack of vitamins in the body.
  4. Diseases such as diabetes, AIDS, tuberculosis often causes thrush.
  5. Stress and nervous stress can also contribute to the beginning of the diet prescribed for treatment of candidiasis of the oral cavity (for more details - below).

Recognize easy candidiasis: mouth, lips and sometimes even covered with white spots raid, about the same as during the angina pain but no thrush.

Treatment of oral candidiasis

Treatment should first be directed at strengthening the immune system . In general, it all depends on the form of the disease. Severe cases even require medical treatment with antibiotics (as paradoxical as it may sound).

Candidiasis of the oral cavity

For treatment to be effective, with candidiasis of the mouth need to eat right. You can not use:

  • alcohol;
  • sugar;
  • Vinegar and products containing it;
  • mushrooms;
  • yeast;
  • milk.

The norm of the diet should be fish and lean meats, cereals, eggs, fruits and vegetables with a small amount of carbohydrates.

Since the disease is quite "slippery", to treat oral candidiasis should be responsible, in compliance with all the doctor's instructions, carefully adhering to the diet and careful hygiene. Otherwise, the entire process can take several months, and thrush - to develop into a chronic form.

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