Capa tooth whitening

Capa tooth whitening

Hollywood stars around the world have long entered the fashion for white smile. We can say that the first impression of a man now prepared for his smile, so - and as the teeth. You can visit the dentist regularly and to prevent tooth decay, but natural color can be far from ideal. And then it will come to the rescue and Capa whitening teeth, perhaps even at home!

What are the caps for teeth whitening?

End caps in dentistry called special caps, worn on the teeth so as to cover the entire dentition. They are used in the following cases:

  • for whitening (cosmetic dentistry);
  • to correct the bite or tooth position in the dentition (orthodontics);
  • for fixation of bone fragments of jaw bones after trauma (surgery);
  • for applications with therapeutic agents in the treatment of periodontal diseases (periodontics);
  • for remineralizing therapy (fluoridation for preventing dental caries ).
As manufactured dental caps?

Depending on the purpose, mouthguards are manufactured from different materials. This may be a silicone, plastic, polyurethane and others. All caps for the home teeth whitening are made individually for each patient. It is necessary to repeat with accuracy anatomy and the location of the teeth and whiten all their surface evenly.

To make the individual caps for teeth whitening:

  1. Dentist makes teeth first impression with a special spoon and silicone mass. This procedure - not a pleasant one, but it is done quickly.
  2. Then, a cast molded plaster model in exactly the same location of the patient's teeth.
  3. The next step is to manufacture kappa laboratory. To do this, use a special vacuum device.
  4. Just a couple of days after the removal of the kappa print ready and invites the patient to a dentist fitting. Fitting is very important, because the individual caps for teeth should be tight enough to cover all the teeth, while not going as far as the gums.

Always in the doghouse is a little place where the whitening gel is placed. Kappa should not injure the soft tissues of the oral mucosa, its edges should be smooth. Most often, the cap is transparent, but dentists can produce opaque and colored caps.

How to use Capa?

After fitting and necessary correction dentist teaching a patient dressing and taking pictures mouthguards. After all, home teeth whitening with the help of mouth guard is held by man alone, and this process is quite lengthy. The physician selects a patient special chemical whitening gel. Such a gel may be based on hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, depending on the manufacturer. In addition to the basic substance in gels and other components are added:

  • water;
  • glycerol;
  • Capa tooth whitening
  • stabilizers;
  • fluorides (reduce hypersensitivity of the teeth, often arising as a result of bleaching).

Capa is filled with a gel, usually at the front surface of teeth. The thickness of the gel should be such that it covers the entire desired surface of the tooth, but it did not get to the gum. If the remnants of the gel is still caught in the mucous membrane through the upper edge of the caps, they should be removed immediately, as active ingredients of the gel may provoke a chemical burn the soft tissue.

Duration of the procedure and the multiplicity of repetitions depends on the desired degree of bleaching, the peroxide concentration in the gel, as well as on individual tolerance procedure. The attending physician is required to give all the necessary recommendations.

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