Retainers After Braces

Retainers After Braces

Appearance - a very important part of everyone's life. When people say that the appearance - it is not important, they are mistaken, because the psychologists found that the first impression we have formed man for the first 4 seconds from the moment he saw us. Unfortunately, nature does not always endows people perfect data, but fortunately, many of the shortcomings can be remedied.

Correction of bite

When the tooth number is uneven, dentists resort to offer a bracket system.

The forerunners of the brackets can be regarded as a plate - wire on the teeth with a plastic bottom, which was placed in the sky or under the tongue. The wire was stretched, and its teeth under pressure equalized after a while.

Braces are considered more advanced system that allows to create a perfectly flat number: each link is connected to each other and attached to each tooth. Due to the fine correction with tension, in a few years the patient receives Hollywood smile. But, as the practice of Orthodontists, not always wearing braces gives lasting results, and the teeth are leaving in its place after some time. To remedy this situation, the system was invented retainers, to wear on the teeth after the braces correction.

What retainers?

Retainers - a prosthesis that is attached to the inner side of the jaw. It is worn after the braces correction to fix the result.

Retainers do not damage your teeth, do not disturb lead a normal life. They allow for teeth whitening and perform daily cleaning. To better clean the teeth, orthodontists recommend the use of a rigid floss.

Types of retainers

Today, there are two kinds of retainers:

  • removable retainer - plastic construction, which is put on the night; also called kappa ;
  • removable retainer - aka - the wire retainer that is worn both day and night; it is set for a long time, depending on the time of wearing braces.

In some cases, necessary retainers?

Many orthodontists believe that after the removal of braces retainer is necessary for all. However, this opinion is formed from practice, where the majority of people really changed their position after the removal of teeth fixing. But the majority assumes that the minority - of people whose teeth were in the same position.

To definitively answer this question, it is necessary to turn to the physiology of tooth growth. It is known that the bite correction should be carried out immediately after the milk teeth replaced indigenous. During this period, change the bite is most easily, because the body develops, the jaw and continues to take shape. Thus, after the braces put retainer only when orthodontists have tried to change the adult bite, formed man - after 17-18 years. At this age, the body continues to grow, but the jaw usually already formed, and is difficult to change the bite - it takes a long time.

If you put braces adult, he can not do without retainers - indeed there is a high probability that the teeth will occupy its former position. If the bite is corrected at the teenager, then he has a huge possibility that your teeth will remain in the same position after removing the braces without the use of retainers.

What you need to wear retainers after braces?

Duration of wearing retainers depends on the time of wearing braces - usually it is 2 period from wearing braces (on average, about 5 years). In some cases, they are for life.

What to choose - caps or retainers?

Retainers After Braces

Fixed retainers are used in the beginning, after the removal of braces. To create a smoother transition from the rigid fixation of the teeth, mouth guards used at night retainers. Over time, they can recommend to wear the next day, then a week later. It is necessary to "teach" the teeth do not disperse.

What if I come off retainer?

If you come off retainer, the orthodontist need to call and make an appointment. There is nothing wrong in that, if a doctor for any reason will not be able to rectify the situation within 7 days - the teeth in such a short time did not disperse.

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