How to cure herpes?

How to cure herpes?

The vast majority of people are carriers of the herpes virus activation although there is not all. This disease is known among the masses due to its striking external manifestations in the form of watery rash on the skin and mucous membranes that resemble bubbles. Affected areas are not only inflamed, sore and itchy, but also deliver aesthetic inconvenience, not allowing the patient to lead a normal social life.

All herpes viruses have the ability to remain latent in the human body for long periods of time. When primary infection is the introduction of the virus into the genome of the cell, where even a strong immune system it will never be able to show the door.

The mere presence of infection for humans very quickly, until it begins to manifest itself. Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete malicious agents from the body. In other words, you can not completely get rid of herpes. Also worth noting, too, that herpes can not be cured in one day. The biggest success in the treatment of the disease - in remission for several years. Now, tell us more about how to cure herpes.

herpes Treatment

Effective treatment of herpes includes receiving the following medications:

  1. Antiviral agents that reduce the severity, duration and frequency of relapses. The most popular drug is a "Acyclovir" , well-proven in the therapy of herpes simplex. It can be used to cure cold sore on his lip rather quickly. This drug was developed in 1988 and has since been actively used to control a number of viruses. "Acyclovir" itself acts on the viral DNA, not allowing it to be played. This drug is recommended by many doctors for the treatment of herpes, and it really works. Pledge of successful therapy - the application of an ointment to the earliest stages of the disease, when the tingling on the lips or other unpleasant sensations. Do not believe the advertising expensive little-known drugs, herpes treatment can not be carried out quickly. The improvement will come only after 2-3 days.
  2. Analgesics (paracetamol, ibuprofen), reduce pain and fever.
  3. Zinc ointment , anti-inflammatory, a drying, antiseptic, accelerate healing of ulcers and prevent the penetration of the virus.
  4. Local anesthetics (lidocaine, prilocaine, tetracaine), quickly relieves itching.

Home treatment of herpes

In the treatment of herpes and alternatives may be used anti-inflammatory agents. This group should include such natural medications such as propolis, aloe vera, echinacea. Many people prefer to use natural oils of bergamot, tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus, which are recommended for use at any stage of development of the disease. These funds have a strong tonic and anti-inflammatory properties.

How quickly cure herpes?

How to cure herpes?

Treatment of herpes in men and women with similarly. The earlier start taking medication, the sooner recovery. If exacerbation occur 6 or more times a year, we need long-term maintenance therapy for 3-4 months. Since the treatment of a complex and long-term, the choice of means to prevent a recurrence should be made by the attending physician.

Remember that the transition of the herpes virus in the body from sleep to active state with rashes and itching occurs due to the weakening of immunity, stress and fatigue. Therefore, in order to defeat the herpes, it is necessary to send their forces to eradicate the original sources.

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