Whitening teeth oil

Whitening teeth oil

Smooth, healthy and white teeth are an integral part of an attractive smile, a sign of health and prosperity. This always brings a smile of sympathy and admiration. First and foremost, it creates a good impression by the color of teeth. Unfortunately, nature can not bestow each white teeth. But, even though the teeth innate pure white, over time, this advantage may lose their strength. How to return or get, the desired whiteness of teeth to have a dazzling smile?

How to whiten your teeth at home?

Of course, this procedure can take place in almost any modern dentistry, but because not everyone can afford such expensive sessions. There is an exit.

Besides the laser whitening , can hold their own teeth whitening oil, is particularly well suited for this purpose:

  • lemon essential oil;
  • sunflower oil;
  • tea tree essential oil.

All of these tools can be purchased at any pharmacy and at a price affordable to every buyer.

The use of oil for tooth whitening

Tea tree oil

Before you carry out the procedure of teeth whitening tea tree oil, it should be good to brush your teeth using toothpaste and rinse thoroughly with a brush under running water. Next to this the brush apply a few drops of oil and clean the teeth this composition. Some of its components are in the early stages can cause unpleasant taste in the mouth or numbness in the tip of the tongue, but, rinse your mouth with warm water, you immediately forget about them. In addition to tea tree oil to whiten teeth, it also removes the tartar and removes plaque.

Lemon essential oil

Not less effective teeth whitening essential oil of lemon. For a good result you need to brush your teeth every day with the addition of 1 drop of oil. Using teeth whitening lemon oil, you will not only become the owner of superior smile, but also protect the enamel and oral cavity from the external aggressive impact. You can mix the essential oil

Whitening teeth oil
lemon and tea tree essential oil in equal proportions and a mixture of spending cleansing of plaque.

Sunflower oil

Also, teeth whitening can be performed with sunflower oil. They caress the mouth for 10 minutes and then spit out the oil. It is worth paying attention to the fact that this sunflower oil in addition to the bleaching effect has a number of medicinal properties, so its daily application would be beneficial for the health of the whole organism.

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