dental caries

dental caries

Dental caries - a pathological process that is triggered by demineralization and softening of hard tissue that subsequently forms a cavity and destroys the tooth structure.

The causes of tooth decay are different:

  • genetic predisposition to disease or congenital susceptibility to the bacteria that provoke destruction;
  • the presence in the oral cavity of acid streptococci that grow in terms of personal hygiene violations, heavy raid, abuse carbohydrate diet;
  • poor diet and poor water quality;
  • disease during the age of maturation of dental hard tissues;
  • affects the time period between each intake of food, especially with a high content of sucrose, glucose or fructose. In this period the tooth is exposed to an acidic reaction that provokes the destruction of the enamel and the formation of cavities.

The main stages of tooth decay:

  • initial (shown pigment spots);
  • surface (enamel integrity is violated);
  • average (broken dental hard tissue);
  • deep (there is a large cavity, the hard tissues are destroyed).

Diagnosis and treatment of dental caries

Conducted a dentist in the clinical conditions of reception. see manifestations is not difficult With deep caries stages. For this purpose, the mirror and the sight tube.

If you have difficulty localizing resorted to X-rays or cold sample.

Application of deep diagnostics helps to identify caries spots at the stage and treated in time. In addition to the pigmentation stage using bluing or caries detector. It consists of magenta. pathology detection at an early stage is carried out by translyuminestsentsii - shine a strong light beam.

Get rid of caries will help the dentist. Nowadays there are a few basic methods of treatment of this disease.

Advanced treatment method is considered to be ozone caries. The procedure is painless and non-contact. The procedure was developed in Germany. If its application is not necessary to enter the anesthesia, include a drill and, in rare cases, experts manage without seals. Ozone helps get rid of harmful bacteria, reduces inflammation.

The second method - laser treatment of dental caries. The method is ideal for the preparation of the tooth to the sealing. The probability of injury to healthy tissue is minimized. The laser removes only the damaged areas. It refers to a method of painless therapy.

caries treatment at home is ineffective. Most often, this method is popular among elderly people or provoked by fear before going to the dentist.

There are times when it is impossible to get to the dentist urgently. Then recommended that the anesthesia and rinse.

Popular folk remedies against caries:

  • powdered herb horsetail for rinsing;
  • mint leaves + infusion of fennel;
  • apply ice to the swelling on his cheek (as the warm up is not recommended);
  • use infusion of oak bark, sage;
  • rinse the soda solution.

How to protect teeth from decay?

dental caries

Prevention of caries consists of two areas:

  • improve tissue resistance to bacteria;
  • elimination of microflora that provokes destruction.

It is important to remember the rules of hygiene, regular cleaning of the teeth and visit the doctor. It is necessary to carefully choose the toothpaste, rinse your mouth after a carbohydrate-rich meal and use dental floss.

The consequences of caries quite unpleasant. Advanced forms of the disease leads to the emergence and exacerbation of tonsillitis, gastritis, inflammation of the urogenital system.

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